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The new era belonging to the Women power is still a fantasy for every woman Throughout history women have battled against inequality discrimination right to vote incorrigible behavior and generally been sidelined and abused by their own intimate partner A home should be a blissful place where every hope dream life and happiness begins However for most of the women this hope gets shattered and turns out to be a place confronted with harassment and abuse especially by their own partners Many women in our society inevitably become a victim of domestic violence in families where patriarchy dominates and women are treated as a household labour According to the data stated by National Crime Records Bureau Crime against Women have reported an increase of 2 9 in 2016 over 2015 out of which the majority of crimes were reported under Cruelty by Husband or His Relatives 32 6 Even though there is a strong law The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act DV Act 2005 in place to safeguard the rights and interests against violence from their spouse as well as other members of their family a decade has gone still only a few women are able to get the relief and justice they deserve 

As quoted by Malala Yousafzai I raise up my voice not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard we cannot succeed when half of us are held back The study is to limpidly bring up the importance of the power of economic emancipation for women and to encourage them to access and benefit from this powerful legislation Though we brag about feminism however we are still enslaved into the chain of violence Emancipation is the act of setting someone free from slavery which exactly apposite this research as it emphasis on freedom of women from domestic violence through economic emancipation The study involves secondary data collected from various sources With this as the background the paper revolves around the following objectives To bring out the cognizance in women regarding the ascendancy of The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 To bring out intelligibility of consciousness of health economic independence of women Importance of economic emancipation for women without which freedom will only be a hoax Keywords Domestic violence NCRB Human Rights Feminist Feminism Emancipation Violence against Women Worldwide Women worldwide are inexorable meritorious invincible and more gracious Each and every woman is the pride of the nation The word feminist has quite a few definitions but any strong woman who fights for her right in our society is actually a feminist Around the globe women have battled against all odds to gain equal rights in different facets of our society Every woman is an inspiring soul to the world but there comes a time where she becomes a victim of violence Violence against women embodies itself in physical sexual emotional psychological and economic abuse at home office or at any other private or public space Violence in no way is acceptable in specific domestic violence cannot be accepted even as a nightmare 

A heartbreaking truth as per the United Nations report is that globally one in three women have suffered physical or sexual intimate partner violence at some point in their lives Domestic abuse by a partner makes women suffer psychologically a fear of seclusion from own family deterioration in the health condition as an outcome of abuse and from a doting mother to a destitute mom at least for certain period until she gains her source of income Economic violence is the most traumatic form of abuse that happens in the intimate partner relationship and this thwarts the blossoming of every woman globally Domestic Violence Economic violence Entangled In India as per the NCRB report majority of crimes against women were reported under Cruelty by Husband or His Relatives 32 6 A fear is instilled in the minds of the victim by the intimate partner either by gaining control over physically or economically which leaves no choice for women other than being a victim of the abuse A delusive myth of our society and mostly economic dependency are the main reasons for women to be a silent victim in their monstrous relationship Source NCRB Economic violence is one of the worst forms of abuse where women are controlled and intimidated by the intimate partner for money and being aggressive in blocking economic resources

This controlling behavior on education employment health meeting with the family engaged in social media or any social activities of the intimate partner develops psychological stress on women In the few cases where women become ineffectual her partner tries to exploit her economic resource As per the United Nations study research indicates in certain cases of working women cost of violence affects directly their paid working hours which amounts to 2 percent of the global gross domestic product GDP In Canada the amount is calculated at 1 6 billion in America it's around 5 8 billion in England and in wales domestic violence costs around 32 9 billion In India women have to lose an average of five paid work days for every incident of domestic violence on an average 25 percent is reduced from the salary The Most Dynamic Power of the Law A woman first needs to have a basic knowledge of the judicial laws in their own country This helps them to realize their own rights and value In India woman who is entangled in an abusive relationship and is the victim of the domestic violence has to first realize the importance of The protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 where women are protected in every aspect by the law

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