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Questions 1 When considering the case study The New Superintendent’s Public Relations Plan one could make the argument for interpreting any of the three barriers understanding accepting or acting as the causation for denying support of Dr Holt s initiative However the school board was very clear in stating concerns for the plan which included spending a large amount of money towards an initiative that was not requested by the residents and may be considered fiscally irresponsible The school board further indicated that they would support the initial steps of the plan while raising private funds towards full implementation This concern is identified as a barrier to acting in that the Boswell School District lacked the resources to allocate monies towards full implementation To presume anything but the stated concerns would be a flaw in leadership Question 2 Dr Holt due to her approach cannot assume that there is a hidden agenda as she did not include the school board in the planning process Although there are indications that other concerns may be prohibiting full buy in such as a narrow understanding of public relations or a perceived need of school board members to make decisions on behalf of the community without the community's feedback further questioning of school board members outside of the school board meeting and a strategic look at the fund balance for the district these are unfounded assumptions The school board indicated a strong support for school community relationships

A request by the school board for the leadership team to follow through with creating school webpages and distributing newsletters should be interpreted as a step toward a better public relations goal As in many small communities change takes time small steps and buy in It would be a mistake to assume that because the school board did not readily support the financial direction of the plan they were insincere Rather Dr Holt should continue to work with the school board embracing the district support and fundraising efforts Question 3 As Dr Holt assembled her public relations committee an oversight in not including a member s of the school board and a member s of the community resulted in a less than desired outcome Dr Holt prevented herself from understanding all stakeholders as she created the initial plan By including these members she would have been better able to determine any public relations barriers for the school board as well as address any other concerns In turn the community would have been able to give an accurate voice Having excluded these key members Dr Holt is left to take the information given by the school board at face value or make assumptions based on her prior experiences To assume would be a second mistake as the community is new to her and her experiences are likely to create a misstep based on assumptions Questions 4 As a narrow definition of a PR plan would include the image of the school district it also includes the two way communication between all stakeholders As Boswell School District begins to embrace the possibilities of a newsletter and website they may find that their collective inclinations mirror their beliefs on community perceptions They may also find a flaw in their perceptual beliefs A PR plan would continue to invite communication in the form of honesty openness fairness friendly relations and social harmony It would also move the district toward a two way symmetrical form of communication 

Question 5 As the school superintendent several steps should be taken to recover from what may be perceived as a poorly planned initiative First honoring the work on the initial plan should be given to the administrators In doing this the superintendent will protect the relationship between the administrative team and the school board Next the superintendent should direct efforts towards the newsletters and school websites Encourage full communication about what is happening within the school and district meanwhile creating opportunities verses obstacles out of those public relation events Smith 2013 Include in the websites a two way communication feature Encourage the campus administrators to develop a passion for these public relations opportunities by supporting a degree of individualism for each campus Third communicate with the residents regarding these new public relation features to create excitement and initiate feedback District and campus communication will create a consistent message of encouragement to the residents to participate in the two way communication Compile the feedback and share with the school board and community in bi monthly school board meetings This may be moments to celebrate the communication or opportunities to reflect on the two way communication Finally if in discussing the public relations initiative with the school board president hesitation continues to be present for private fund raising or for the P R plan discuss the reorganization of the public relations committee to include one or more members of the school board and one or more members of the community representing the three schools Efforts to address the common barriers of public relations should be part of the committee planning efforts Smith R D 2013 Strategic Planning for Public Relations New York NY Routledge

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