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The North American Free Trade Agreement is a treaty that includes three countries America Canada and Mexico NAFTA is the world s biggest free trade agreement The GDP of its individuals is worth more than 20 trillion NAFTA was the outcome of 14 months of escalated debate in 1991 and 1992 It was approved by the Canadian the U S also Mexican government bodies in 1993 and was made official in January 1994 Before NAFTA Canada and the U S had an exchange agreement called the Canada U S America is Canada's biggest exchanging partner by a wide margin Indeed the value of the Canadian and U S trade was worth an outstanding 752 billion dollars Here are ways Canadians have benefited from NAFTA more selection of goods expanding trade volume expanding foreign direct investment freer movement of professionals and investors across the border the growth of new occupations more income coming into the Canada Canadian Government and Canadian recognition looking at an international perspective was increasing drastically The unique Canadian identity was being realised and being looked at more considering the fact that Canada was part of the biggest trade agreement Also this might also brink curiosity in other countries and they might try to become trading partners or engaged in some kind of activity with Canada and get to know them This will spread awareness of Canada thus developing the Canadian identity Section B Canada's energy future lies in the oil sands 

The oil sands are a powerful source of Canadian energy Moving us Heating us Creating jobs Helping pay for public services Energy from the oil sands happens because of the human energy and innovation that goes into it People ensuring we are developing our natural resources responsibly That s as Canadian as it gets The world relies on an energy mix that includes oil natural gas coal hydro nuclear and renewables All forms of energy production must increase to meet growing global demand Canada is uniquely positioned to provide an abundance of safe secure energy As long as we are using oil to power our lives and improve our quality of life we must develop it in a way that benefits us economically and environmentally Canada's oil sands and heavy oil resources are among the world's great petroleum deposits They include the vast oil sands of northern Alberta and the heavy oil reservoirs that surround the small city of Lloydminster which sits on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan As has often been the case the oil sands were different In recent years oil sands and heavy oil development have been so successful that these resources now account for more than half of Canada's crude oil production Canadian oil now being on high demand this gives Canada more global recognition It will also increase Canada s popularity and awareness Not only does it give an insight of the unique Canadian identity that purely comes with these products but it will also help with Canada's growing identity since they have something valuable to distribute to the world Section C The winter Olympics in

Vancouver gave Canada the chance to showcase itself at the worldwide level The international media descended upon Vancouver and Whistler showcasing their natural beauty and famous sights trying to catch a glimpse of its unique and one of a kind identity The expansion of the Canadian society and the nation with the weakening of Britain ties has helped the development of Canada's identity to be much stronger that has been seen in the past Although the Olympics may bring out the best things about every nation and its citizens after the Sochi 2014 Olympics Canada seems to be finally developing a national identity The pride of hosting the Olympics in Canada has given the nation an opportunity to break previous stereotypes foreigners often have held For two weeks the host city gets to showcase itself to the world host the games Furthermore it allows Canada to develop its own unique national identity in front of the world s eyes Canada has been privileged enough to host three Olympic games the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and the 1988 and 2010 Winter Olympics in Calgary and Vancouver Canada has also been able to send athletes to every Olympic games excluding the 1980 Berlin protest since the beginning of the Olympics in the year 1900

Having Canadian cities host the Olympic games has allowed Canadians in particular to change its stereotypical provincial image they have historically held The Olympics lets Canadians showcase their unique culture and identity on a global platform Canada first began its life as a settler community during the rise of the British Empire As time went on the country slowly grew away from being linked to the empire and became increasingly dependent on trade and investment links with the USA One legacy that has remained until recently is that much of Canada's cultural is seen as a combination of neighbouring countries Canadian cities such as Montreal Calgary and Vancouver before they hosted the Olympic games were widely viewed as provincial outposts of American or British cultures rather than centres of their own unique cultural identity

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