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The outcome of Battles of Saratoga caused France to recognize America as a real country and eventually caused France to ally with the Americans and declare war on Britain The Franco American alliance that came out of this American victory caused the Americans to receive many troops supplies clothing food and weapons that were crucial to winning the Revolutionary War On its own America had ample men to bear arms but lacked the arms ammunition and money to defeat Britain Unger 17 Because of the victory of the Americans in the Battles of Saratoga and the Americans alliance with France France sent over twelve thousand soldiers to fight with the Continental Army Just one ship the Mercury that was sent to America from France carrying supplies contained more than twelve thousand muskets fifty tons of powder and large quantities of cloth caps shoes stockings and blankets American Revolution FAQs Alden 120 during the Revolutionary War 

It is difficult to see how without French aid the Americans could have been furnished with guns or clothing with meat or bread Perkins 9 These French supplies were important in the American s victory in the war because America was a very new nation and at first lacked the resources to defeat the much stronger well equipped more experienced and adequately trained British army Additionally among the soldiers that France sent to help the Americans out there were several military officers that had important roles in assisting the Continental Army Marquis de Lafayette Comte de Rochambeau and Comte de Grasse were just a few of these French officers For example all three of these French military officers contributed to the success of George Washington's army in the Siege of Yorktown This battle was very important because it ended the Revolutionary War This battle could not have been won without these French military officers and these officers would not have fought with the Continental Army if the Americans had not won the Battle of Saratoga After the Battle of Saratoga France also declared war on Britain Since Britain was already fighting the Americans they were already occupied France declaring war on Britain put more pressure on Britain and Britain was forced to allocate money and resources to fight France not allowing them to spend maximum efforts on fighting against the Americans This ultimately put Great Britain at a disadvantage increased the Americans chance of winning and helped them win the war On the contrary it is true that France was already secretly giving aid to the Americans before the Battles of Saratoga Based off of this fact it can be thought that with or without the victory of the Americans in the Battles of Saratoga the Americans would have won the

Revolutionary War This entails that the outcome of the Battles of Saratoga had little to no impact on France deciding to ally with the Americans meaning the American victory of the Battles of Saratoga had no importance in the American s overall victory of the Revolutionary War Before the Battles of Saratoga France used secret agents to provide clandestine assistance to the United States French Alliance French Assistance and European Diplomacy during the American Revolution 1778 1782 This secret aid included providing loans weapons clothing and all of the other types of resources that the French provided after the Battles of Saratoga as part of the Franco American alliance However the secret aid that came before the American victory in the Battles of Saratoga was a much smaller amount of aid than the aid that came after the Battles of Saratoga After the Battles of Saratoga France officially allied with the Americans and started sending large numbers of resources over to America Due to how the Battles of Saratoga played out the French had the confidence and were inspired to use more of their resources and efforts on supporting the Americans and were fully and actively engaged in the Revolutionary War They played a large role in defeating the British as opposed to before when they played a more passive and indirect role The French sent more resources after the Battles of Saratoga and these French resources were one of the biggest factors in the victory of the Americans in the Revolutionary War against the British Because of the greater amount of aid that the French provided to the Americans after the Battles of Saratoga as opposed to before the claim that the outcome of the Battles of Saratoga led to the American s victory in the Revolutionary

War has greater validity than the alternate view that the Battles of Saratoga did not impact or had little impact of France's decision to provide the resources to the Americans that were highly important in the Americans winning the Revolutionary War After France joined the war after the Battles of Saratoga Spain and the Netherlands were encouraged to join the war on Britain On April 12th 1779 France allied with Spain in the American Revolutionary War against Britain This Franco Spanish alliance was called the Treaty of Aranjuez The Spanish and French initiated and made this treaty official without consulting the Americans Chavez 133

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