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The outdoors provides a new setting to take on the challenges and learn life skills without even realising it Children whom have anger issues and are often behaving badly benefit from the outdoors as it releases their stress and anxiety levels develops their social and communication skills motivates their learning across all of the curriculum and also allows them to be more practical responsible and creative members of the public With outdoor learning it can benefit many students who have numerous problems Such as anger issues recent involvements with the police and also children who have a disability The outdoors offers them that sense of freedom unlike you get in the classroom It gives them another way to take their mind of things and in their eyes it may be an adventure which they re releasing from Within an educational setting children don't always get to socialise as well as you could in the outdoors this opens up to them another way of bonding with other children and improving their social skills which builds their confidence up as individuals A great example of this are forest schools Forest School is an inspiring development that offers students young people and adults reliable opportunities to achieve and develop and achieve confidence with hands on learning in a woodland setting It s shown in some studies that some children display positive changes in their behaviour that s surprised experts and this could be due to their involvement in the Forest Schools It's also clear that for a lot children it ll take time for a change to occur

They'll need to become more familiar with the Forest Schools and would gradually gain confidence over a course of a few weeks Interaction with the outdoors is limited for a lot of children in the modern day today and the experience of using the outdoors and being happy in and around nature is being lost This is why schools are trying to introduce forest schools across the country as for children who live in cities who aren't as lucky to have forests mountains and seasides near them can't benefit as much from this different approach on learning With the outdoors and outdoor education being put into the school curriculum it is trying to improve and help children within many different aspects Starting with self confidence and self belief which comes from the children having their own freedom time and space to learn to develop and demonstrate their independence thoroughly The outdoors looks to boost social skills by the attained ability to undertake activities with other students either by sharing tools and tasks and working with one another as a team or taking part in co operative play Another great aspect of the outdoors and an area where it improves for students is their Language and communication This is by the development of more strategic uses of both written and spoken language that is encouraged by a child's sense of smell and visual experiences

These involvements can also encourage and enthuse conversation among other children who are otherwise at time are afraid to engage in conversation with others Outdoor education has shown to improve motivation and concentration on students Shown by their enthusiasm to participate in the adventure of learning within the activities As well as having the ability to focus on certain tasks and to concentrate for long periods of time without losing interest In schools and parents have noticed drastically that the children show a higher sense of happiness and display a positive attitude to the Forest School specifically as well as learning in general The outdoors shows improvements with Physical skills by the development of physical stamina and use of motor skills allowed by the free and easy movement around the Forest School site Motor skills meaning the effective use of tools and the ability to make structures and objects for example dens shelters or creative art projects Majority of students today are often active and have their involvement within physical education but with the outdoors it offers another way which the child may not see as a physical healthy activity as they re more focused on the enjoyment of it Knowledge and understanding is also achieved from the outdoors by showing the students how to show respect for the environment and show an interest in the natural surroundings by them making reflexions and insights into natural areas such as seasonal change and the ability to identify different species throughout the forests Also to understand the sense of what's healthy and what isn't for the environment Forest Schools also gives teachers a new outlook and understanding of the children as they see how they are and how they act in a different setting It gives them a different relationship which can develop between teachers and students as they see them face small challenges which sometimes they have to face themselves and they get to observe them with how they re facing it The Forest School setting provides an important way to identify the individual learning styles of each pupil

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