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The Persistence of Memory is a 1931 painting by artist Salvador Dalí which is one of his most identifiable works The large creature in the center of Dali's painting might have been drawn from his imagination because there is no creature on this planet has those looks This painting is based on seaside landscape on the cliffs the melting clocks in the background seems to have a great meaning towards them The orange clock at the bottom left of the painting is covered in ants Time is the theme in this painting bases in this painting When analysing the painting carefully and deeply the great meaning will be discovered This painting looks like a dream world and this dream world has great significance behind it The clocks seem to have lost power As time passes our memories fade away the persistence of time in the dreamer's eyes If The Persistence of Memory describes a dream state clocks that melt and distort symbolize the erratic passage of time that we experience while we dream Daydreaming also is related by the passing of time on the amount of time we spent daydreaming about memories or even ones that had deeply hurted us Memories that created scars and memories that can not be forgotten when we want to forget Surrealism is a 20th century avant garde movement in art and literature that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images With the best visual representation of what it is that the dream was one of the main goals of the Surrealists At first Surrealism may seem a little crazy but we had all dreams where people places or things were not connected together in ways that could not be fully explained Understanding that the perpetuation of memory most likely portrays the state of the dream is the first part of the sense out of this painting The lines on the mountains are clear and give them a rough and realistic approach 

On the creature Dali uses different lengths and widths to create individual in each eyelash It also makes everything detailed until the last ant bronze clock The lines that make up the hours are detailed so that each figure appears on the faces The use of lines also improves the realistic appearance of mountain reflection in water The lines on the platform and the brown body are straight and symmetrical It does not leave many visible drawing marks in this painting so it is not easy or easy to distinguish their lines from shading Lines that usually appear complete the dark shadows of his surreal scene The mountains use a combination of light and dark mixed with color rather than black just to create this style Some hills on the mountains are shaded with black along with other parts of the painting such as white figure and brown cube where two pocket watches are placed Ants are all black and have very little shading while a fly on another hour only has a blue shadow of the human figure The creature in the center of the painting seems the explain something According to The Persistence of Memory article it cites This creature is obviously some animal type for it has long eyelashes a distinguishing feature of animals This creature is laying on its side and it has its eyes closed indicating an unconscious state The main way to tell that this creature and painting is meant to represent a dream state is by looking at the fact that the creature is unidentified which is a distinguishable characteristic of a dream Thus this creature a mixture of Dali s imaginations and real life animals This creature is lying on the ground with its eyes shut which might symbolize unconsciousness The elements of art that are used throughout this painting is proportion lines texture unity variety shapes emphasis repetition texture color harmony and balance In the painting 

The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali I see four pocket watches that are melting at an deserted seaside The iconography the visual images and symbols used in a work of art or the study or interpretation of these can refer to a dream that Dalí himself has lived and clocks can symbolize the passing of time as one experiences it in sleep or the persistence of time in the dreamer's eyes Dalí often used the ants in his paintings as a symbol of decadence luxurious self indulgence Time is the theme here from the melting watches to the decay implied by the swarming ants Mastering what he called the usual paralyzing tricks of eye fooling Dalí painted this work with the most imperialist fury of precision but only he said to systematize confusion and thus to help discredit completely the world of reality There is however a nod to the real the distant golden cliffs are those on the coast of Catalonia Dalí s home MoMALearning The mood of the painting is based on how Salvador Deli wanted the viewer to feel when look at the painting Salvador Deli wanted the viewer to be confused on what the artwork meant and the real reasons behind the painting The mood relates to memory by making the viewer think about the painting to much and look through it carefully and deep and understand the meaning of it and not the logical reasoning All in all The Persistence of Memory is probably the most famous painting by Dali where the famous melting clocks became the symbol of surrealism and one of the most distinctive pieces of the 20th century While we can not specifically know the true meaning interpretation or analysis that Dali himself intended to draw it is likely that Dali himself acknowledged and developed various historical artistic artistic and biographical meanings of the coded meaning in his artwork

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