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The political system of Sudan is one of which is operates as presidential representative democratic republic Since gaining independence the northern population of Sudan has dominated politics filled more governmental posts and gaining official authority The southern population upset by the strict Islamic penal code which included amputations for stealing and public beatings for alcohol possession that had been added to the country s laws and the deterioration of the economy began a civil war to gain independence for the south and its people Sudan Politics Government and Taxation Encyclopedia of the Nations Jaafar al Nimairi was brought to power in 1969 He began the process of making Sudan getting along with countries that belonged to the Communist block Nimairi decided to shape Sudan s government around the idea of National Socialism Nimairi established the Arab Socialist Union and included the Communist Party in a government league Nimairi remained in power with the help of his army when Communists tried to befall the government in 1971 Nimairi had the Communist leaders eliminated He also turned away from the Communist block and sought better cooperation with the rich oil producing countries of the Persian Gulf mainly Saudi Arabia Under Nimairi Sudan actively tried to attract more joint venture investments and studied which areas of the economy should be focused on Sudan recent history is that of a happy and sad tale all mixed into one

The First Sudanese Civil War began in the year 1955 and ended in 1972 This civil war was between northern and southern parts of Sudan This conflict was a result of the southern part of Sudan wanting more regional sovereignty and representation The north benefited from the resources it was able to draw from the south while the south was simply drained Britain encouraged northern political maturity while hindering such in the south This pattern became known as the Southern Policy and effectively abolished any unity between the two regions Stock British officials were considering uniting South Sudan with Uganda Under the leadership of Prime Minister all South Sudanese rebels were offered amnesty if they laid down their weapons in 1965 In 1969 General Gaafar Nimeiri seized control of the Sudanese government and instituted a socialist program nationalizing banks and other social services John Garang leader of the Sudan People s Liberation Army controlled the south But the division was unstable and by 1985 another coup removed Nimairi s regime from power The Sudanese Liberation Army was backed by Eritrea Until 2003 the group was known as the Darfur Liberation Front The Darfur Liberation Army announced no connection with the southern rebels but it called in the middle of March 2003 for an understanding with the opposition forces which fight the Islamist government in Khartoum John Pike On March 14 2003 Darfur Liberation Front announced that the movement will be called the Sudan Liberation Movement and the Sudan Liberation Army SLM SLA The SLM A issued statements that it did not seek independence but demands greater political autonomy and a more equitable share of resources from the central Sudanese authorities

The Sudan Liberation Army began battling an Arab militia called Janjaweed as well as government troops in the Darfur region of western Sudan Janjaweed had been pushing local farming communities off their land in a bid to have access to the resources The Sudanese government was accused of manipulating traditional ethnic tensions and pursuing a policy of Arabisation The Sudanese government strongly denied backing the militias They said it had urged all tribes in Darfur to defend themselves against rebels in the region The most powerful Darfur rebel group the Justice and Equality Movement JEM signed a truce with Sudanese President Omar Hassan al Bashir in February 2010 in Doha Qatar The final correspondence is to incorporate elements of power sharing prisoner amnesty and the integration of rebel forces in the Sudanese army In the nation of Sudan the people have little to no rights for themselves or for their loved ones As a result rebellions and riots protests are started to show the government that they won t give up there freedom so easily One of the major human rights violations in Sudan is Ethnic cleansing of the people Black Arab militias carry out methodical massacres of tribespeople in the Darfur region Sudan is also very well known for their use of child soldiers in war There are more than 17 000 child soldiers fighting for the government s side or for rebel forces even after 25 000 former child soldiers had been demobilized from rebel groups in Southern Sudan in 2001 While serving as human mine detectors participating in suicide missions and acting as spies Many are abducted or recruited by force and often compelled to follow orders under the threat of death Others join armed groups out of desperation or after being subjected to lies and brainwash Many children are promised that they are going to attend school which are actually military training facilities disguised as school The dexterity despite being under the direction of the United Nations and international organizations are where children were brainwashed to become ruthless killers The Works Cited CIA Sudan Economy 2017 Sudan Economy 2017 CIA World Factbook 22 Feb 2017 www theodora com wfbcurrent sudan sudan_economy html Pariona Amber What Type Of Government Does Sudan Have WorldAtlas 11 Oct 2016 www worldatlas com articles what type of government does sudan have html WWG Darfur Genocide World Without Genocide worldwithoutgenocide org genocides and conflicts darfur genocide The World Factbook SOUTH SUDAN Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency 15 Nov 2017 www cia gov library publications the world factbook geos od html Sudan Climate countrystudies us sudan 33 htm Contact CIA Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency 1 Apr 2016 www cia gov library publications the world factbook index html Sudan Politics Government and Taxation Encyclopedia of the Nations www nationsencyclopedia com economies Africa Sudan POLITICS GOVERNMENT AND TAXATION html

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