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The Power of Racism In today's modern American culture racism has been the key factor in depression peer pressure and lack of confidence which causes people to spread apart from each other To a certain point Americans have overcome this factor in certain states but not all Every day we hear from the media about the cruelty and crime that take place in different states A lot of this racism starts within ourselves Racism can be defined as treating a person differently because of the color of their skin The color of the skin has caused many problems in the United States many people have been killed and many innocents have lost their lives as well throughout history In this modern world where we speak of equality and social justice people are always judged by their color in some countries and by their caste in some others In US blacks are not treated as equal to whites At times just because you are black horrible things may happen to you For example blacks are put in a situation where people think they steal kill shoot and cause problems The problem exists not only between black and white Some people are racist about Asians also They call them smart and make fun of them They also tease them by calling them a nerd

Every day they have been harassed and they even feel embarrassed because of their smartness The stereotypes placed by the society on these people are often a threat to their own wellbeing When you look into the past history says about the wars that had broken out because of racism World War II was started by Hitler to get rid of Jews According to Nazi rule Jews were considered sub humans meaning they weren t considered fully human Due to this reason Hitler wanted to fight and wipe out the Jews from his country In the early days India followed the caste system In this system the poorest of the poor were called untouchables They were called this because the higher classes considered them impure and they weren t allowed to touch or come near the high class Sinha There are many cases regarding racism that had taken place in many countries Every country has faced some sort of discrimination of any particular group of people Racism causes depression A few medical reports states that In analyzing this racism within a social model of depression indicating a few ways in which racism subtly and not so subtly affects self esteem causes losses in a psychological sense and promotes a sense of helplessness Fernando Having low self esteem can lead to many incidents like being a drug addict or carrying a gun with you and going around shooting and killing many people who belong to a different race

Racism can cause to one to come to a mental phase where they think that they are no longer needed in the world Many suicides have taken place because of racism Racism can also be caused by peer pressure As you are pressurized to try drugs by your close friends or any nearby friends who are addicted to drugs it can automatically steer you to be in their group One try leads to many other tries Along with drugs come serious problems because once you get addicted to something it s hard to quit For example nowadays everyone is so addicted to their cellphones that it s hard to stay without it even for an hour Last but not least racism leads to lack of confidence Without having confidence one can t determine the downfall in himself in which that causes self depression and peer pressure It can cause by your family friends and the people nearby you

Having people call you a nerd can cause to perform badly in academics Some parents focus on what they want their children to be and they often forget to see the likes and interests of their children High expectations from your parents can lead one to have a mental break down because how much ever you do is never going to satisfy your parents Racism is something that should be wiped out of the Universe The world has seen many types of racism and most of them have been eradicated from the world or is on the verge of being eradicated This shows the change in the mentality of the world that we live in today The world we live in today is increasing to recognize that each and every single person is equal and have the same rights no matter if you are white black Asian etc All are equal and have exactly the same rights and freedom as everyone else and society has already proven this in today s American culture And yet some of us are not ready to accept it It s time to wake up from the past and start living in the present era

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