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OVERVIEW The present chapter deals with overview of the study research findings limitations suggestions for students teachers and suggestions for further research critical comment on existing English course and areas for further research The present study identified the needs of oral English communication skills for F Y B Com students through needs analysis This analysis was based on responses collected from five colleges of Solapur University Maharashtra It revealed that the students need oral English communication skills in academic and professional setting The researcher prepared communicative tasks to develop oral English communication skills for them It is evident that there is need to improve commerce students oral English communication in various contexts and situations Therefore offering the learners appropriate tasks for the development of oral English communicative skills is important to get success in different contexts college interviews society and workplace 5 2 RECOMMENDATIONS 1 Teacher should more emphasize on English language as a medium of instruction in the English class 2 Teacher should promote more interactive teaching techniques to students during teaching English 3 For the enhancement of speaking skills in college teacher should cultivate English communicative culture to create favourable environment in the campus 4 Students may be speaking with fellow students and teachers job is to encourage them to respond in English 5 Refresher course for better teacher s training for the recreation of English speaking environment within college should be arranged 

6 Teacher training should be restricted only for professional courses in English for developing English Proficiency among teachers 7 Interlocutor should allow students a few seconds time to think as they formulate a response and if the student continues to hesitate the prompt question should be reformulated and simplified 8 During the period of English learning they can practice English through English newspapers English movies youtubes stories internet communication etc 9 Teaching methods require a variety of techniques to support pair and group discussion in L2 and help learners to understand that language errors are a normal and acceptable part of everyone's language learning experience 10 The curriculum requires localizing the content of English materials to make links with students need and culture strategy training for dealing with problems in L2 communication should be integrated into current material of language education and gives students opportunities to practice them in classroom day today activities 11 The intelligibility and comprehensibility in EFL communication even with the problematic foreign accent and intonation in L2 speaking is one of the issues requiring more attention from language researchers 12 Language teachers in an EFL context need to do action research to familiarize themselves with their learners most pressing needs and the different problems they face in language communication 13 The educational system in the EFL context needs to adopt the required changes to deal with the challenge of globalization 

14 If the students are made aware of reasons for anxiety in communication and how to overcome them by using various successful communication strategies that low anxious students use 15 Teacher should also remove students fear of tests and test scores They should not make students worried about passing or failing the course they have offered 16 The teacher plays an important role in imparting language skills He She must design a well planned course factors such as teaching materials methodology and activities should be paid attention to 17 Classroom environment should be made comfortable and low anxiety to students which will in turn to lead more efficient language learning 18 Teacher should give individual pair group activities as many students feel comfortable talking to their friends if they make mistake they do not feel bad or anxious about their mistakes 19 There should also be an additional module in the syllabus on using the register features of EST correctly and frequently in their oral performance 20 A module or unit on using communication strategies and reducing language anxiety should be included in the syllabus of undergraduate level 21 To enhance the speaking skills of the students with the help of different methods of teaching the use of appropriate exercises and learner centred approach to studies 

22 Many researchers like Bailey 2015 and Gosh 2007 have proposed methods to enhance speaking skills by means of syllabus design teaching principles types of tasks and materials and speaking assessment 23 Research suggests that the integrated use of modern techniques can yield positive results and lead to the improvement of communicative competence 24 English is universally used as a means of communication 25 Students who study English as a foreign language usually have limited opportunities to speak English outside the classroom Zhang 2009 and also limited exposure to English speakers or members of the international community 26 Web based technologies and useful internet sites provide new possibilities and latest trends for teachers and students 27 Practice and exposure to both listening and speaking activities in real situations appeared to be a practical method to promote speaking confidence Songsiri 2007 28 Teachers should know that the learners need to do most of the talk to activate their speaking since speaking skills require practice and exposure 29

The teacher should arouse students interest in oral English communication Some supplementary oral communication activity should be given to students 30 Oral English communication should be treated as an important part of the curriculum 31 Language Anxiety Teaching English as a foreign language second language calls for intensive attention of students with involvement and dedication There are several cognitive and linguistic barriers associated with anxiety viz 1 Strict class room 2 Fear of making mistakes 3 Variations in self perception 4 Linguistic difficulties students show very limited linguistic competence in English and unable to carry out the communicative tasks 5 Pronunciation grammar and vocabulary which affect their effectiveness in communication Once the learners are freed from the clutches of unnecessary anxieties there is a large scope for their effective learning and ultimately their communicative skill too can be developed

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