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The program signed into law on July 30 1965 by then President Lyndon B Johnson that pays for hospital and medical cares for elderly and certain disabled individuals is called Medicare History Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services 2017 There are six noteworthy government health care program the Department of Defense Tricare Tricare for Life programs the Veterans Health Administration the Indian Health Service the State Children's Health Insurance Program Medicaid and then there s Medicare Medicare is 100 percent governmentally financed and operated health care services are conveyed completely through the private sector Overview of the Government Healthcare Programs Leadership by Example Coordinating Government Roles in Improving Healthcare Quality The National Academies Press and When one first becomes eligible for Medicare coverage one is signing up for the original Medicare the federal health insurance program 

The original Medicare program is made up of two parts Part A which is hospital coverage and Part B which is the medical coverage Medicare Part A coverage may include inpatient hospital nursing home facility hospice and home health care Medicare Part B coverage may incorporate medically important outpatient services which incorporates however it not constrained to specialist visits durable medical equipment lab tests emergency vehicle services psychological wellness care or potentially preventive services Medicare extended to incorporate a prescription drug plan known as Medicare Part D in 2006 Medicare gov the official U S government site for Medicare and Some Time ago it was said that the United States had the best health care system in the world but according to Jack Bernard it's a myth The United States is way behind other countries in a lot of categories including infant mortality and longevity In other developed countries hospital patients are more satisfied with their care then the patients in the U S As per capita costs in the U S they are doubled or even triple against those in other developed nations Bernard 2017 As we learn in class about the different healthcare programs no one is more important than the other The Medicare healthcare coverage is supplemented by the other services In 2010 President Barack Obama s health care law the Affordable Care Act made changes to government assisted health insurance so it would cover more people The law intends to expand Medicaid to all the more low salary individuals and attempt to cover the center range of citizens who profited to fit the bill for Medicaid yet in addition couldn t stand to purchase private protection all alone 

By covering millions more The Affordable Care Act added to the changes found in many years of Medicare and Medicaid Affordable Care Act Summary n d The pool of uninsured is constantly changing due to economic circumstances Family coverage premiums are over 18 000 a year more than twofold what it was 10 years prior and nonetheless still rising The national level of uninsured rose significantly after some time until the point when the Affordable Care Act was passed Jack Bernard explains that there is a way for us to resolve the problem of the underserved while containing costs Medicare for All or single payer Single payer just expands current Medicare to cover all age groups Doctors and hospitals continue to be independent Socialized medicine means care by government doctors and hospitals With Medicare the patient chooses the physician With single payer other developed nations spend considerably less on health care than we do and have better mortality morbidity Bernard 2017 The most costly form of primary care is emergency room care At the point when the uninsured are seen the expenses are passed on either to citizens or to different patients through higher hospital bills Regularly patients who defer care turn out to be all the more sick and treating them costs significantly more than essential care would have With all the changes the government is making there's a lot to learn about the health care law Medicare is a help that puts health care within reach of a large number of older Americans On the off chance that an individual has Medicare the law has new advantages and assurances with the goal that one can be certain they are responsible for their health care 

My recommendation to anyone new to Medicare or about to turn 65 soon and have questions about their benefits and how much they can expect to pay is to familiarize themselves with the many parts to Medicare with the coverage and costs so they can be prepared to make an informed decision when the time comes Reference Affordable Care Act Summary n d Retrieved from https obamacarefacts com affordablecareact summary Bernard J 2017 November 11 Some myths about Medicare for all Physicians for a National Health Program Retrieved from http www pnhp org news 2017 november some myths about medicare for all Wlz0qakTaFM email History Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services 2017 September 14 Retrieved from https www cms gov About CMS Agency information History Medicare gov the official U S government site for Medicare n d Retrieved from https www medicare gov Overview of the Government Health Care Programs Leadership by Example Coordinating Government Roles in Improving Health Care Quality The National Academies Press n d Retrieved from https www nap edu read 10537 chapter 4

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