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The quality of knowledge acquired is directly proportional to the duration of historic development The paradigm shifts that constantly occur with knowledge and the appearance of new literature provides a better quality or in other words a more polished form of knowledge that attains high level of evidence Clearly we can see that there is a good progress in the quality of knowledge and it is evident in certain fields such as the sciences In this essay particular emphasis in the Arts and Natural Sciences as two areas of knowledge to explore how the quality of knowledge produced by an academic discipline is directly proportional to the duration of historic development In the science field the discovery of penicillin first ever antibiotic provided knowledge regarding its use in various abnormalities within the body Within the years the quality of knowledge regarding treatment of fatal infections have evolved corresponding to the quote where quality of knowledge is proportional to duration of historic development The discovery of one medication has led to the improvement in knowledge where knowledge seekers have discovered other strains and tested various different isolates to discover more antibiotics of different families that could treat fatal infections That knowledge would not have a polished quality if it was not for the discovery of the first ever antibiotic The idea of paradigm shift and its effect in acquiring knowledge also applies to chemotherapy anti cancer drugs Historically anti cancer drugs have major adverse effects on a cancer patients with the evolving knowledge regarding the discovery of the mechanism of how the disease affects one's health led to discovery of novel agents and chemotherapies that would target specific cells and hinder its effect on normal cells 

This discovery has improved the field of medicine and the quality of knowledge has improved dramatically which reflects the prolonged duration that took scientists and pharmaceutical industries to discover ways that would tackle major health issues such as cancer and find ways to combat this disease in a minimal invasive ways and at the same time to discover the underlying mechanisms of the disease process to better understand the disease itself and know the mode of therapies that could be used or discovered to treat cancer In essence the quality of knowledge is proportional to the historic duration that led to discovery of knowledge in that particular academic discipline However considering the quality and the advancing knowledge in the natural sciences and how it is related to the duration of historic development yet some knowledge is yet undiscovered or better said as there is gap of knowledge which may be not proportional to the duration of historic development an example would be one of the motor neuron diseases ALS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis which has been seen by celebrities such as Stephen Hawking yet a lot of budget is allocated for this disease yet not much has been known regarding this field of medicine In essence the duration of historic development from the discovery and ways of knowing how this disease manifest does not add onto the quality of knowledge Another area of knowledge to be examined is the Arts Most artist create paintings depicting poems or real life events making the artistic photo or the painting an extension of a real life events 

The duration of historic development of certain situations can be portrayed in paintings and would probably provide a substantiate quality of information based on a painting particularly a painting with historic significance or paintings that depict various moments in history Hence the field of arts could be another useful way to establish how the quality of knowledge is proportional to the historic development In contrast looking at the social sciences which deals with how people interact within the community Looking at economics and how does our knowledge regarding the trends in economy and market and the influence on people is another example that disagrees with the saying The market is in constant change and our knowledge is limited to the duration of the change rather than a prolonged historic duration Hence the knowledge acquired regarding the changing pattern in market is variable and is influenced by various factors that would limit the quality of knowledge Thus applying changes into the market based on the information gained from the interaction of people within community could be providing advantages or disadvantages In essence the field of economics the social sciences is an example that would disagree with the saying regarding quality of knowledge and duration of historic development In conclusion we noted how different areas of knowledge contribute to building and acquiring of knowledge through the ways of knowledge Also how different areas of knowledge would provide a substantiate quality of information due to the relation with historic development However this might not apply to various areas of knowledge and would be limited to the type of knowledge a person tries to seek or acquire

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