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The cells of a human body require oxygen in order to stay active The respiratory system inhales oxygen while exhaling carbon dioxide The respiratory system includes the airway lungs and the muscles of respiration as the major parts The mouth nose trachea larynx bronchioles and the pharynx are all part of the airway that transfers air from the lungs to the body s outside The lungs purpose is to allow oxygen inside the body and for carbon dioxide out the body Also the lungs help oxygen with the air we breathe to get inside the red cells inside the blood Than red blood cells take oxygen around the body to be helpful in our body cells Blood flows from the arterioles into the capillaries in the lungs Deoxygenated blood is carried by veins back to the lungs while Oxygenated blood is carried from the heart to different places of the body Pulmonary circulation between the right of the heart and lungs passes through the right of ventricle than pulmonary artery third pulmonary arterioles fourth pulmonary capillaries of the lungs last to the pulmonary venule Last but not least the muscles of respiration intercostal muscles and the diaphragm work together to push air in and out of lungs as we breathe Nose and Nasal Cavity are the first section of the body where air is received The nose is made of the face of bones muscles and skin that covers the anterior portion of the nasal cavity The function is to heat soften and clean air coming in the body before it hit the lungs 

There are two opening nostrils and exterior nares that lets air to go through the nose into the nasal cavity The hair inside your nose helps clean off any dirt of the air we breathe before in can even go all the way inside your body The mouth also called the oral cavity can also function as good as the nose The only difference is that the mouth lack hair and has a bigger hole which mean that air comes in faster and it isn t always sanitize before in goes inside the human body On the bright side when breathing through your mouth its big diameter and short distance allow air to come at a quicker paste The pharynx as you know it throat is divided into the oropharynx nasopharynx and the laryngopharynx Inhaling air from your nose goes through the nasopharynx and straight into the oropharynx placed in the mouth When swallowing there is the epiglottis that stops the trachea to make sure food comes through the esophagus to stop from choking There is also the Larynx which you'll think is the tongue since it sound like pharynx but it's actually your voice box The glottis is what separates the top of the larynx and the vocal cords Your voice box is located in your neck the thing that allows you to yell and talk as much as you want We should be thankful for the epiglottis part of the larynx family that helps cover our voice box as we re swallowing any item because without the epiglottis covering our voice box it would have been scratch The larynx also has the vocal folds also known as the vocal cords that are fold of mucous membrane that vibrate to help the vocal sound They allow the body to make sounds as we talk As the body makes its way to the trachea is divided into two branches 

The respiration to structure of breathing which is than divided into two structures of breathing inspiration inhale and expiration exhale The left and right bronchi carrying air to the lobes of the lungs The bronchi than divides into small lobes known at the bronchioles they then divide into even smaller lobes called terminal bronchioles The millions mini lobes from terminal bronchioles take air to the alveoli located in the lungs The alveoli are structures made out of alveolar sacs from multiples of alveoli The bronchi branch has bigger space and more smooth muscles and protein found in the walls The smooth muscles play a bigger part that give the small and tiny bronchi flexibility The bronchi and bronchioles gives air to the trachea straight to the lungs while the smooth muscles is there to help make sure the air is flowing right There is the left lung and right lung the right lung is bigger than the left lung because the right lung is made of three lobes while the left has only two Each lung has a pleural membrane around it giving the lungs space to enlarge but also as a non positive pressure space to the body The negative affect gives the lungs more air as they relax There is also the surfactant that lower its tension to the air near the alveoli of the lung Finally the muscles of respiration that forms the floor of the thorax In the middle of the ribs are some small muscles that help the diaphragm enlarge the lungs The external and intercostal expand the air being inhaled into the lungs

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