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The role of a project manager is to ensure a successful completion of a project Project management is defined as the application of knowledge skills tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements Project Management Institute Inc 2013 There are responsibilities and roles that is a requirement in order to be a good project manager Some responsibilities includes but are not limited to managing the production of the requires deliverables managing project risks including the development of contingency plans monitoring overall progress and use or resources managing project administration and adopting plus applying appropriate technical and quality strategies and standards An Roinn Airgeadais 2018 Identifying the type of project will determine the project manager s involvement Project managers can work part time or full time being the head manager or sub manager There are different types of organizational structures that can be identified in a project An organizational structure is an enterprise environmental factor which can affect the availability of resources and influence how projects are conducted Project Management Institute Inc 2013 There are three main organizational structures

Functional Matrix and Projectized Functional organization is a hierarchy where each employee has one clear superior Project Management Institute Inc 2013 With this structure project authority rest with a functional manager A functional organization structure is suitable for organizations which has ongoing operations such as manufacturing and production The organization is divided into specific departments like human resource marketing finance and operations All departments works for one leader with a clear chain of command This structure in particular is a stable structure and employees have a career growth path with separation of functions The project manager has little to no formal authority and the resources are low because multiple projects require them are the main disadvantages Projectized organizational structure is opposite from functional In a projectized organization most of the organization's resources are involved in project work and project managers have a great deal of independence and authority Project Management Institute Inc 2013 The focus in this organization is the project only All resources reports to the project manager or will provide project services to the various projects Majority of the time the project manager has direct authority and only report to the chief officer The communication is strong because there is a single reporting system 

There is fast decision making because the line of communication of clear Matrix organizational structure is a mix of both functional and projectized organizations With any matrix organization the project manager share responsibility with the functional managers for assigning priorities and for directing the work of persons assigned to the project Project Management Institute Inc 2013 Employees report to a functional manager and at least one project manager There are three different types of matrix organizations weak balanced and strong In a weak matrix the functional manager is still lead and the project manager is part time and limited authority The resources are available part time and still other projects to work on Balances matrix give the project manager a full time role with only part time administrative staff under him her and support staff is only part time Most authority lies with the project manager in a strong matrix The project manager is full time and the staff is also full time but may also have dual reporting with the functional manager It is more complex to monitor and control the project in this organization because both functional and project manager requires reports The Southern Care Hospital SCH case study is interesting because there is vast information involved SCH several years ago it contracted with the healthcare division of a major equipment supplier to provide Six Sigma training to a group of it hospital employees Mantel Sutton 2014 SCH main challenge is to please the medical staff by reducing the lead time to half In this improvement it is required to come up with a team of four plus a project manager The project manager should use different standards to help decide with resources will be most valuable to the project such as the education of the staff member the cost to have them work for the project the level of experience in working in similar projects and the availability the staff has to work on the project

 The project manager should make sure there will not be clashes due to arrogance of the members who has further training in the program From the available resource pool the project manager should select Howard Payne Ken Inman Peggy Moss and Peter Foltz This is the ideal team because it s suggested that there should only be one black belt member to avoid conflicts The other three candidates are green belts The average amount of Six Sigma projects worked on is 3 meaning there different ideas will be shared to help find a probable solution All but one staff is available to work 50 of the time meaning the project will be focused greatly and efficiently The cost to employ majority of staff is 30 or less The candidates that are selected all scored high on the proficiency chart which implies they all have a good understanding of the information put out in front of them Compared to other candidates the ones selected all have a higher amount of average project savings The more money saved on a project the better The balanced matrix organizational structure is recommended to use because Southern Care Hospital is under contract with Six Sigma meaning there is still an upper management to report to The project manager will have hearsay but so will the functional manager Resources will be available part time

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