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The Role of Project Managers IT Project Management Project management as a discipline Project management manages the planning organizing and implementing a project Project management is a significant function and project management skills are respected highly Project management has increasingly become the default of management in Information Systems based organizations Project management is so critical to an organization that it has become in such demand at a rapid pace Ravinder H Kollikkathara N 2017 Project Management discipline objectives are to develop students capabilities to use concepts related to project planning and design skills education expansion and management of projects Completing the discipline Project Management gives students the opportunity to obtain both professional skills appropriate use of the combination of specific knowledge of project management for developing projects identifying methods specific planning management project for the effective management of project resources and transverse 

Toader Michalcewicz Kaniowska Zajdel 2016 Industries in which project managers are in high demand According to www PMI org the industries in which project management are in high demand are management and professional services manufacturing finance and insurance information services and publishing construction utilities and oil and gas Here in the United States from the year 2017 2027 a little more than 60 percent of the 214 000 innovated project management jobs yearly will come from the management and professional services field In the next ten years the greatest job development across all the nations is expected to transpire in manufacturing and construction with a little more than 9 7 million innovative roles Information services and publishing will account for the second largest growth with nearly 5 5 million innovative roles finance and insurance will generate a little more than 4 6 million roles and management and professional services will perceive the addition of a little more than 1 7 million new positions As I was doing some research on Indeed com I noticed that the Universities are in high demand for project managers A few I came across are Northwestern University University of Pittsburgh and Colorado State University General Role of a Project Manager the Difference Across Industries 

The overall accountability for the efficient initiation planning design execution monitoring controlling and closure of a project Risks arise from doubt and the effective project manager is the person who pays attention to this as their principal concern Furthermost the issues that influence a project outcome in one way or another from risk A virtuous project manager can diminish risk significantly often by following a policy of open communication guaranteeing each vital participant has a chance to express feelings and concerns A project manager is someone who is accountable for making decisions which is enormous and little The project manager must be sure they control risk and reduce uncertainty Each choice the project manager makes must directly assist their project On any development you will have some project constraints that are competing for your attention They are cost scope quality risk resources and time Most government agencies have specific procurement guidelines that apply to their projects that wouldn't be appropriate in the construction industry The pharmaceutical industry is concerned with regulations set forth by government officials while the automotive industry has little or no worry for either of these sorts of regulations retrieved from www opentextbc ca Success of Projects in IT Other Industries 

The rate of success of projects in the IT field is finally on the Rise according to PMI Organizations are experiencing more success by implementing strategic initiatives and due to this additional projects are meeting original goals and business intent and being accomplished within budget No matter if it is in the IT industry or not a lot of organization trying to take on more projects then they can handle Some are taking on 70 to 80 projects now they have realized to drop that number down to 30 to 40 Retrieved from www pmi org References Haughey Duncan The Role Of The Project Manager n d Retrieved from https www projectsmart co uk the role or the project manager php Latest Findings Show Project Management Professional n d May 2017 Retrieved from https www pmi org about press media press releases latest findings show project management professionals in high demand Pulse of the Profession PMI n d Retrieved from https www pmi org media pmi documents public pdf learning thought leadership Ravinder H Kollikkathara N 2017 Project Management in Operations Management Textbooks Closing the Gap Journal Of The Academy Of Business Education 18307 324 Toader C Michalecewicz Kaniowska M Zajdel M 2016 Training Strategies Used In Project Management Discipline Agricultural Mangement Lucrari Stiintifice Seria I Management Agricol 18 2 115 118 Watt A Program Management Overview Retrieved from https opentextbc ca projectmanagement chapter chapter 2 what is a project project management

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