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Krish Krish Mr Desjardins ENG 1D0 A December 30 2017 The Secret but Meaningful Message in the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Human nature is a very complex part of society There are various positive and negative aspects to it including the tendency of lying to other people to hide something that the other person should be knowledgeable about or to hide their own mistakes One of the novels that describe this negative behavior is a thought provoking piece of literature by Mark Haddon named The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time In this novel is the fascinating story about a 15 year old autistic boy named Christopher John Francis Boone and his accidental adventure to find his mom escape his dad and to investigate the murder of a poodle named Wellington who lived across the street This novel describes the troubles and the experiences of people with disabilities but it also signifies another very important message The author Mark Haddon sets up his plot in such a way that describe his important message very well throughout the novel He uses the plot very efficiently to describe his secondary message based on the theme of truth and honesty Therefore through the plot of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time the author Mark Haddon expresses a very significant message that lying only provides temporary relief and shatters everyone s trust in the liar afterwards because acquiring someone's trust after it is broken is nearly impossible When someone lies about something they do not think about the future and the consequences of saying that lie but when the lie is caught people stop trusting the liar meaning that even in serious need and saying the truth the other person will not trust the liar and help him 

There are several different elements in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time that describe the negative effects of lying but one that stands out the most is the plot of the novel The initial pages of the story help describe the author's message by providing several small hints about his message Firstly Mr Boone indirectly lies about why he is crying to Christopher When Christopher asks his father that is he sad about Wellington 21 Mr Boone lies and says Yes you could very well say that 21 Mr Boone avoids telling the truth without realizing the consequences This helps explain the message that it only provides temporary relief and increases the chances of breaking the trust of the other person Another surprising part about this section of the plot is that Mr Boone lies to Christopher about his mom being in the hospital He clearly says that he is afraid Christopher won't be seeing his mother for a while 22 but without thinking about the future consequences Mr Boone s actions show that lying only provided him with temporary relief but it ends up becoming a serious issue afterwards which is what the author Mark Haddon s message is Lastly Mr Boone lies to Christopher about his mom dying due to a heart attack in the hospital He says that it wasn t expected and Christopher s mother seemed to be getting better Mr Boone's lies about keeping to go on without stopping and he is in serious trouble which he still does not realize 

These lies that he tells in the beginning of the novel set up the plot of the story to later help explain the consequences of lying and why lying can even ruin someone's life Through the initial pages of the story we learn how Mr Boone has lied to Christopher about several different things With the help of the conflict the middle part of the plot explains how the temporary relief provided by the lie leads into terrible outcomes afterwards Firstly when Christopher reads some of the letter sent by his mother he goes in a shock and does not know what to do He feels sick after reading those letters He realizes that Mother had not had a heart attack Mother had not died Mother had been alive all the time And father had lied about this 112 When he knows the truth he tries to analyze it for any explanations but he fails He thinks that his brain is not working properly This part of the plot explain the message of the novel by proving that the consequences of a lie are unexpected and when someone's trust is broken it can be very wounding to the relationship Secondly In conclusion the author Mark Haddon expresses a very meaningful message in this novel through various parts of the plot of the novel mainly including Mr Boone and Christopher The message of not lying and the consequences that you have to face for just one lie is one of the most important things to learn in life and this novel can help learn the importance of having someone's trust Overall the message is fairly well hidden in the novel but when searched beyond just the main conflict many other important and meaningful messages can also be found in this novel that are explained using different elements of narrative like the plot and the setting

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