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The security environment in the Caribbean Islands is a distinctive combination of characteristics The region s propinquity to the United States Of America makes it as a market for illicit crimes including drugs the transport of commercial goods and migrants to the United States and tourists and money from it Although the United States Of America affects the region's security challenges it's also the main source of trade investment and other resources to fight those challenges Due to the areas small governments with weak institutions and little resources it makes it vulnerable to both the unprincipled influences of multinational criminal organizations and the initiatives of larger states including the United States Of America Russia among others The Caribbean Island is facing three major threats to its security These challenges are the climate water security and migration The main islands of the Caribbean lie in the paths of tropical storms and hurricanes The regular raids of the region of storms continue to make military help for civil authorities in disaster relief efforts national emergency response systems and international relief efforts key components of the security discourse The tropical geography of the Caribbean Islands makes contagious diseases a severe public health danger to its population and tourists One of the biggest threats at the moment of the Caribbean Islands security is the current drought in the islands of the Caribbean Islands is that water security has far reaching security and development issues 

The majority of Caribbean states is primarily vulnerable to changes in precipitation created by El Nino and more widely climate change What is undeniable is that water security is a national and regional security problem which is in need of an enhanced national and regional response The average rainfall in the islands of the Eastern Caribbean ranges from 2350mm in Grenada to as low as 1030mm in Antigua Barbuda however it isn t like in many developing countries where access to clean water is the issue the primary issue for most Caribbean states is not so much water quality but water scarcity Migration is a huge issue in the Caribbean Islands as it is a very common region for human trafficking and smuggling for multiple groups moving persons to the United States including Chinese triads an organized crime also migration to the United States from the region itself The United Mexican States and the Caribbean Islands are somewhat in a similar position on the topic of security as they both have high percentages of illicit crimes in their region Although Mexico does have some potent laws and protocols that defend human rights free speech and the rule of law there is a overwhelming 98 of crimes that are never solved in the country thus leaving the population with practically nowhere to turn for justice and only half of the Mexicans that are victims of a crime feel that they were treated well when reporting it to the authorities Mexico has tried to eradicate the issue of security due to drugs in 2006 when the newly president Felipe Calderón declared war on drugs and the cartels which cost Mexico 54 billion while the United States have donated One Billion 25 of the 37 drug traffickers on 

Calderón s most wanted list have been jailed extradited to the US or killed however not all of these actions have been independently endorsed More than 110 000 tonnes of cocaine were decommissioned and almost 180 000 hectares of marijuana and poppies destroyed during Calderón s term Mexico is also a member of the Caribbean Development Bank and other hemispheric multilateral institutions that contribute to regional development Mexico has and is also engaged in and financed development programmes in the region such as education Spanish language teaching health care and humanitarian assistance Some sources from UN officials state that the United Mexican States is looking to develop its relations with the Caribbean In Mexicos Scenario It may be facing some security issues on its own however it is looking for solutions and ways to eradicate these issues and reducing the percentage of crimes as a whole The Drug War is an example as Mexico recognizes that the security of a country is essential to the growth of the economy of the country

The Governments in some of the Caribbean states have tried increasing the security of their countries through organizations such as CARICOM Caribbean Community however the crime rates in the Caribbean remains among the highest The first step to approaching this issue should be focusing on gun control Nearly 1 in every 3 citizens has lost someone they know to violence and are more likely to be a victim of assault or a threat than anywhere else in the hemisphere Guns in the Caribbean are used twice as much in robberies and three times as often in assault compared to the global average The Caribbean government could start by directing police patrols in geographic areas with high crime rates Another Solution could be improving the justice system ion the Caribbean One in every four Caribbean citizens considered police harassment to be a problem Caribbean governments should focus on restructuring and restoring police forces to be less reactive and more proactive Another solution could be if The Caribbean states corporate withThe UN Trust Fund for Human Security UNTFHS funded projects that are aimed to help solve this issue Some Projects include The protection of victims that experienced human trafficking Reduction Of Peconomic and social components of health related insecurities

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