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These differences in opinion were shaped more strongly by law makers then the people with empirical knowledge academic managers quality assurance managers in the policymaking directions The contribution of the stockholders and external bodies have a crucial role in education because they regulate and they assure that the standards of quality are maintained and are followed there for we can improve the education standards and boost quality I use the example in S E N but the same principle applies to all types of schools and organisations where external bodies and stakeholders trough quality reports and their assessment inevitably improve quality standards 3 2 Explain how being accountable to stakeholders and external bodies impacts on organisations in education and training By being accountable to stakeholders or external bodies will insure that standards of quality are maintained otherwise the organisations in education wouldn t have aspirations or boundaries to look out too Therefore the impact that they have in schools and organisations is very important and as a positive outcome A second way of thinking about that impact that external bodies and stakeholders have is looking at their specific purpose Through out QAA reports the quality is considered having regards to a variety of parameters highlighting the importance and value of considering quality from a variety of stakeholder or external bodies own experience by being parents or members of the community involved in the process So we could say that being accountable to stakeholders and external bodies insures that the responsibilities of the non stakeholders are followed

The SEN education rate is growing at a fast pace More then 4 million students are receiving special services the cost for assistance to selected aspects of that education is approaching a billion pounds yearly The School personnel is from by a variety of disciplines were provided with selected referral information and allowed to review additional psycho educational assessment information prior to making decisions regarding type of disability and type of special education needed All students will achieve higher levels of academic performance is the foundation of the current educational reform movement was the promise made by the government Reforms began with financial assistance for the development of content and performance standards improving teachers quality and increasing the school accountability as well Some reforms are based on the No Child Left Behind Act 2001 The health and safety Act 1974 the Disability discrimination act 1995 the sex discrimination act 1975 the race relations act 1976 data protection act 1998 for schools that fail to make adequate yearly progress there were models put in place such as Harris Academy seem to been having better results This new policies in S E N inclusion all had major impact in my school and all over the country so yes policies on curriculum have had certainly a big impact on my own practice Task3 3 1 Explain the roles of stakeholders and external bodies in education The role and influence of the state on the governance of special education institutions while still providing a framework for the management of S E N in general the state supervises rather than control S E schools Institutions have to respond students needs and the external stakeholders often assume greater role relative to the ones on location This is most visible in the concept of good management The Stakeholder Society perspective is used to investigate the changing position and meaning of stakeholders in education S E N Quality Committee S EN Q C in 2004 Stakeholder opinion on their proposals for institutional audits and programme accreditations was gathered using survey questionnaire and other several instruments for assessment Quality assurance has been conceived as a means of increasing the state s changes in education different and sometimes conflicting approaches to quality assurance exist in S E N community underpinned by different values discourses and purposes of improvement

This impacts institutions by making them accountable ensuring a positive effect Lectures included by the quality reports that have the purpose of changing principles and trying to improve general quality and this allows colleges to build their own reputation offering tailored made qualifications and choosing their own partners like local companies to develop inclusion of students and future collaborators 3 3 Explain why it is important to work in partnership with employers and other stakeholders in education and training Is crucial to work in partnership with employers and stakeholders to accomplish success Teachers and provides of information about how teachers can work effectively with employers in support of the NC is vital and demonstrates how and where the expertise and experience of employers can be applied so they can be guided in how to commit and engaged It benefits teachers development of strategies for making contact with employers and relay on their help and guidance This provides additional resources to support employer engagement in the Specialist Schools and Academies throughout the UK The framework for the teachers objectives produced by the Education and Employers task force includes more information about how to establish direct contact with employers and promote this partnership in an effective way For a long time schools have been spending a lot of time and other resources in building bridges with their employers This also empowers as a result but the outcomes from this bridges are not always in line with information provided The main purpose is quality of the teaching and learning experiences for students which is at the source of all this changes By focusing on creating an effective partnership with employers the outcomes for students can be maximised considerably Directing the curriculum to improve motivation and raise standards professional development of teachers institutional development mutual benefits from collaboration between schools business and society in general For the purposes of this guidance the focusing is on how classroom teachers can work with employers to enrich the curriculum there for to achieve a better education and training

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