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The skin and senses or the integumentary system is one the most interesting yet amazing body systems in most organisms that live on the planet earth People might think of the system as average because people use these systems all the time but there is so much more to skin and senses There are so many interesting types of skin diseases in the world that affect millions around the globe The sense of taste and smell is also more than people may or may not think Let s get into the fabulous science of the integumentary system First and foremost the skin nails and tissue have a lot of similarities to other body systems or parts In fact a lot of common injuries to the skin involve simple scrapes and open wounds which should immediately be taken care of Skin is as important as all other parts in the human body but the skin more or less protects the outside of the body than inside The nails can also get injured but not really in a physical way 

The nails can get affected by noxious drugs by getting thinner cracked and flat out deformed The nails act as a way to protect the nail bed like the ribs protect organs Connective tissue in your body Which is also part of the integumentary system is home to various types of white blood cells These cells along with many other cells in the body help fight off diseases But what if these cells can t fight off diseases Then comes the disease of skin cancer affecting millions of people worldwide Usually when humans get a scrape or rug burn the skin cells divide immediately or reproduce to stay growing and healthy But with skin cancer the skin cells stop reproducing and sometimes create tumors or lesions which are other names for groups of cancerous cells When the cancer cells interfere with regular skin cells the cells can no longer do their jobs There are also many causes of skin cancer Common causes can be smoking or using other related drugs heat exposure via tanning immune system problems heredity or passing on by human traits and even other skin conditions People should watch out for these causes Besides preventing skin cancer by avoiding these causes there are also treatments as well Treatments can involve surgery or chemotherapy radiation therapy Chemotherapy uses radiation to kill cancer cells Next there are two senses that go together that are part of this system 

The first one is taste which is an interesting sense Taste is one of the five senses that allows organisms to detect chemicals with the tongue There are certain receptor cells in the tongue that can identify taste These are called taste buds Taste buds are also found within other parts of the mouth and even the throat Flavor is a component to taste but flavor also involves other senses like smell and touch mostly smell When chemicals that taste sweet sour bitter and salty touch the receptor cells in the taste buds the cells send a signal to the medulla which is part of the lower brain stem then that signal gets sent to the cerebral cortex which can do much more complex brain functions to allows organisms to react to whatever the taste is There are also benefits to having taste as well such as how taste can help differentiate whether a food is poisonous or not most likely if a food is more sweet then it's okay to eat but if the food is bitter then it might be harmful There is also another sense that is pretty close to taste Lastly there is the sense of smell It is one of the most important senses Smell can be used by animals to recognize territory or all organisms to recognize all sorts of things all with your nose The scientific name for smell is olfactory Odor molecules come into organism s noses when breathed in or sniffed Odor molecules release from substances and can create smells when sniffed into the nose

Like the taste buds in the tongue the nose has receptor cells way in the back of the nose on mucus covered tissue The cells are part of the olfactory nerves The nerves send the signal to the olfactory bulb a part of the brain that determines the sense of smell The size of the olfactory bulb represents how important an organism s sense of smell is After the odor is determined in the bulb it is sent to the forebrain which interprets into information about the certain odor you are smelling Odors are an additional trait to smell as it is believed humans can smell up to 1 trillion different odors but not one person knows exactly how these odors can be distinguished but there is one possible explanation Some odors attach more quicker and stronger than do others in on the receptor cells in the turbinates a nasal bone In the end the integumentary system is more than people might think There are many hazards and diseases like skin cancer to look out for and a lot of similarities about the integumentary system compare to other systems as well There is a long process the body goes through when it comes to the taste and smell With every bite every sniff there is a lot of things happening in a short time Humans are very fortunate to have the integumentary system to experience the world around them

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