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The Solar System is a fascinating and a well balanced occurrence which has interested regular people and scientists for a long time A lot of resources and time is spent on research which relates to other planets and their moons in the Solar System People have always wanted to visit one of these rare places however there are many difficulties that space has for modern and future explorers All the movement of cosmic bodies planets asteroids moons etc is in an interconnection with one another which results in mutual interdependence An important role plays Earth s moon which affects life on the planet and supports some of the major life needed processes As is well known the moon revolves around the Earth For humanity this manifests itself not only in a visible phase change The Moon moves rapidly against the background of the stars and each new day the satellite appears over the horizon later than the day before Because of this the Moon reaching the top culmination at noon on the new moon reaches the culmination at 6 pm in the first quarter phase at midnight and at 6 in the last quarter 1 As such the observer sees the growing young moon crescent soon after the sunset in the west The decreasing old month is seen in the morning before sunrise in the east 

The period of the Moon's revolution around the Earth is exactly equal to the period of revolution of the satellite around its own axis because of this the Moon is always turned to the Earth with one side The physical causes of this state of things are tidal forces 1 These characteristics make Earth's Moon very unique and special to the planet The gravitational impact of the Earth on the Moon and vice versa is quite large Different parts of the Earth are differently subjected to the attraction of the Moon the side turned to the Moon to a greater extent the reverse side to a lesser extent as it is further from our companion As a result different parts of the Earth tend to move in the direction of the Moon at different speeds The surface facing the Moon is swollen the center of the earth is displaced less and the opposite surface is completely behind and from this side too a swelling is formed due to a lag 1 

The earth's crust is deformed reluctantly but people do not notice the tidal forces on the land However water is susceptible to the influence of the Moon forming tidal humps on the two opposite sides of the planet Orbiting the Earth substitutes the Moon for its different sides and the tidal hump moves along the surface Such deformations of the earth's crust cause internal friction which inhibits the rotation of the planet 2 The moon is even more influenced by tidal forces because the Earth is much more massive The speed of the Moon's rotation was so slow that it dutifully turned to the planet with one side and the tidal hump does not run moreover the lunar surface The impact of these two bodies on each other will lead in the distant future to the fact that the Earth in the end will turn to the Moon with one side 2 In addition tidal forces caused by the proximity of the Earth as well as the influence of the Sun inhibit the movement of the Moon and in orbit around the Earth 2 And so the Moon is a much needed body since its los would be catastrophic to all living things on the planet Small parts of the reverse side of the Moon can be seen because of so called librations vibrations of the visible lunar disk This observed phenomenon is due to the fact that the lunar orbit is not a circle but an ellipse and moving along it the Moon shows different parts of its reverse side In total slightly less than 60 of the lunar surface can be observed from the Earth For the same reasons the Earth cannot be seen from the Moon from anywhere but only from the side facing the planet and sometimes from those areas that are visible from Earth only thanks to librations 2

 With the naked eye on the Moon light and dark blue or blue areas are visible In the past people believed that the blue areas are the lunar seas In fact this is a solid surface which with the seas is related perhaps to the fact that earlier there were seas of erupting lava But such powerful eruptions on the Moon have not existed for several billion years already 3 This is evidenced by samples of lunar rocks brought to Earth by people and automatic stations The lunar surface is covered with craters of various sizes from hundreds of kilometers to millimeters Now the globes have been released by industry and detailed maps of the Moon using which one can make observations in the telescope The Moon has been around for a long time since the time the planet has come into being All the processes on both cosmic bodies are closely interrelated and affect each other The Moon s surface is covered with craters so the evidence of cosmic activity can be seen quite clearly in comparison to the blue marble people call planet Earth

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