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The stereotypical teenager is out having fun enjoying life and maybe being a little rebellious However as times have changed the stereotypical teen is no longer predominantly seen by adults as the typical teen The typical teen now spends most of if not all of their time at home doing homework either desperately trying to complete their assignments or catching up on assignments they have not had time to complete This societal change can be correlated to the amount of homework teens are given and whether or not it is healthy Because excessive amounts of daily homework causes excessive stress it is therefore detrimental to teenagers health since an abundant amount of stress can lead to mental health issues Although many adults believe that teenage stress is the effect of excessive use of social media studies show that teenagers only spend about half of their day online On average a teen spends 9 hours a day on social media including music Tsukayama 1 This statistic includes the act of listening to music which contrary to causing stress may relieve it for some Scientific research has found that students who work while listening to music work for a longer period of time because it blocks out any environmental noise Smout 

1 Studies have also shown that listening to music while doing homework improves the student s mood which in turn elongates the student s determination on arduous tasks thus making them easier in the future Smout 1 Personally I enjoy listening to music while doing certain homework assignments but I also use it as a break Music allows my brain to focus on my thoughts which can be both influential when doing homework and when a break is needed Henceforth social media can improve a student's homework experience by helping them focus therefore relieving stress Much of teenage stress can be found to be a result of excessive homework For instance studies show that on average a student spends three and a half hours on homework daily Klein 1 This statistic is an average meaning that there are students who spend even more time on homework daily such as myself For instance my classes vary on average amount of homework daily Some classes require a full hour while others require about 15 minutes to half an hour if the work is done periodically which rarely ever happens even if procrastination is minimized simply for the fact that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done properly and still get decent sleep Research has found that the suggested healthy amount of homework is 15 minutes per class which if followed would only amount to be an hour and a half of homework Kohli 1 According to these studies even the average student is not receiving a healthy amount of homework therefore homework is detrimental to students health because as time passes the homework continues to accumulate exacerbating the stress meanwhile the amount of sleep continues to decrease Excessive homework can lead to unhealthy stress which in turn can potentially result in life threatening mental illnesses For instance depression is currently the most common health disorder among teenagers affecting approximately 1 out of every 11 adolescents each year Office of Adolescent Health 

1 Not only is it the most common disorder but if left untreated it can result in suicide Suicide among teenagers both boys and girls have been increasing within the past decade Research conducted by the CDC shows that the suicide rate for girls has doubled from 2007 to 2015 within the age range of 15 to 19 meanwhile the suicide rate for boys has increased by approximately 30 within the same time frame also from ages 15 to 19 Holmes 1 Henceforth suicide being an extreme effect from a very common mental illness depression should be taken into account more heavily in schools and by teachers when they assign homework Mental illnesses are not taken as seriously as they should As shown in the imagine below people view mental illnesses as something minor that can be self treated because it s within your head However mental illnesses are serious just as serious as drowning because having a mental illness such as depression can feel like drowning but rather with thoughts Therefore homework can lead to mental health illnesses through excessive stress On the whole excessive stress from an inadequate amount of homework can be detrimental to students health Although social media can cause stress it can also be beneficial to students and managing their stress Even so schools should implement systems that restrain students from taking so many AP classes and teachers should really consider and take into account how much homework they are giving and how long it would actually take to do it Then in theory students would be able to obtain a healthy balance between school and life minimizing stress and decreasing mental illnesses and their dreadful consequences

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