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The Surrealist painter Salvador Dali is one of the most mysterious artists of the 20th century who is distinguished by his western and unfamiliar themes His most famous work is the Insistence of Memory 1931 which is a surreal masterpiece and is often referred to as the clocks Dali began painting this painting with a view of the coast of the sea in the province of Catalonia and then included in the drawing scenes of three hours pocket molten on one of them fly in addition to a fourth hour Ants prey In the middle of the painting and under one of the melted clocks a wrist appears in the shape of a distorted human face The idea Dali wanted to convey through this painting is that time is less solid than people normally assume Daley painted the painting after a dream he saw after a light soft cheese dinner For this reason watches look soft to the point of melting But what is the meaning behind Salvador Dali s Determination of Memory What do all these hours mean We can see in the painting a lot of dissolved hours that represent half the circle is good and the other half melted and find the curved lines in most of the artwork also we can find a depth in the painting perspective and the line of sight in the painting is in the upper quarter of the plate and we also find curved lines in the branch of the tree and also in the mountain and a straight line in the table 

Which holds the branch and the hour and find the focal point of the eye on the left side of the board and the panel is dominated by almost black color and dark yellow color in the line of sight and blue degrees in the horizontal lines and the vertical lines are found in the trunk of the tree and table top A space in the right side of the painting with the recipient's perspective as the mountain plateau gave a kind of balance in the work of art with the strength of black color almost dark and we notice the size of the clocks is somewhat large as the style of the artist Surreal is a beautiful style gives the impression of the artist and his imagination and emotions as this method is not the artist is the pioneer and founder of the surrealist school and one of the greats and giants of the plastic arts It is clear that there is a linear relationship between the horizontal and vertical lines and between the curved and straight lines and find a color relationship between the colors including clear blue color and color relationship in the clocks and backgrounds and in the side of the mountain and gradient color in the floor of the painting from light brown to dark brown dark and there is a relationship of linear color consistent and harmonious She gave a balance to the watches and the tree branch The artist was able by his art and brilliance to give a sense of the aesthetics of the elements in his beautiful style and beautiful Surrealist masterpiece 

Through the artist in his painting about the time and we notice the existence of many hours in a melancholy and the presence of the branch of a dry tree miserable and only a life of life holds a melting clock folded itself as a piece of cloth hanging for need and no need to know the time or if the time here is not important or useless or Time is taken for a certain reason in the artist Life has become an important time It is not important to live with time and calculate it It is a miserable time It is not useful for the time It is important to retrieve those old memories The tree is the only life free of papers that surround it About the character of the artist about himself and the darkness that surrounds the edges of the painting from each side where life and beautiful nature is far from it all and is living in darkness in a time of no value to the time where the hours and days and time passes and he does not feel it is still in place prisoner of that time It is now full of emotional spiritual sensory and life free Life is far away from trying to avoid it because of its control over it In front of it is a mountain full of rocks and difficult high slopes cannot coexist with it and next to that dead end a beautiful sea but to live in it and no end to it time for the artist has no value He is still a prisoner The darkness and darkness of his thoughts and hopes passes by time and it is as it is what value time to have This painting is among the famous paintings of Salvador Dali and the fact that all his works are wonderful and excellent sailing in the imagination but this painting has a special character as it reflects the time and time is important to the members of society and time place history past and future

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