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There has been a lot of technological progression throughout the years The technological progression during 1900 1959 and 1960 today which is better That is a loaded question but obviously the 1900 1959 era has had a lot more progression For example the tv Few inventions have had as much effect on contemporary American society as television History of Television The first electronic tv was demonstrated in San Francisco on Sept 7 1927 it was created by Philo Taylor Farnsworth a 21 year old inventor He had lived without electricity until the age of fourteen In 1939 a 5in console TV was 295 or 5000 in current money it was the size of a drinks cabinet The television was one of if not the most popular products of the 1950 s At the start of the decade there were about 3 million TV owners by the end of it there were 55 million watching shows from 530 stations The average price of TV sets dropped from about 500 in 1949 to 200 in 1953 The Impact of the Television in 1950s America Back then tv s were the size of a small cardboard box now tvs are the size of the wall and as thin as paper The current biggest tv is a 1 6 Million 370 Inch Monster Tech Over the past two decades give or take a few years tvs have gone through a huge transformation The unbelievably heavy bulky tube TV sets that used to be at the center of most living rooms until the early 2000s are thankfully a thing of the past replaced by flat panel TVs that are lighter more energy efficient and allow for larger screen sizes Richter Data from 2002 2009 shows that the median size of tvs increased to 46 inches from 34 inches and tvs are still getting bigger

Apparently the average television size is going to be 60 inches by 2015 Yau LED and LCD tvs have taken the place of the old CRT tvs not only because of the size CRTs use a lot more energy than the others Although the older tvs use more energy the are the stepping stones of the future televisions of the modern world The 1950s were booming years for the U S and saw many technological advances One advancement is the widespread use of telephones in american homes and businesses By the 1950s roughly two thirds of American households had at least one telephone with the percentage growing every year Fredman Back then people only had one phone in the entire house and they did not own it it was rented from AT T The phones had a rotary dial on the front since keypads had not been implemented yet The dial had 10 finger holes in it corresponding to the digits 1 through 9 and zero Fredman By the end of the decade almost all of the remaining manual local phone exchanges this requires a human operator to connect a call had been replaced by an automated system The 1950s was also the birth of direct distance dialing this allowed callers to directly call long distance without an intermediary After some years telephones got keypads then became wireless and eventually evolved into cell phones The early cell phones pre 1983 were considered car phones because they were to big and bulky to be carried on oneself In 1983 the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x was introduced to the world although it is huge by today s standards it was truly the first mobile phone because it was small enough to carry 

The phone though incredibly expensive became a pop culture symbol showing up on everyone from Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street to high school heartbreaker Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell Ray However these phones were mostly used by salesmen and other businessmen not the general public These cell phones were just for talking eventually voicemail and other features were added Then the smartphone was born The earliest smartphones let users access email and use the phone as a fax machine pager and address book Ray Modern cell phones have evolved from just verbal communication to a multimedia tool people now use their phone for surfing the web and texting rather than actually talking to people Cell phones are also replacing many other gadgets such as cameras At first the cameras on a phone were a very poor quality and only considered an add on Now we re seeing a very fast shift to where consumers don t even bother carrying their point and shoot cameras anymore and just use their cell phones says Jamie Lendino a tech journalist and senior mobile analyst for PCMag com Ray The invention of the phone has led to what the modern world now knows as a smartphone This fact is why the 1900 1959 era is better than the 1960 today The first programmable computer the Z1 was created by Konrad Zuse in his parent house between 1936 and 1938 It is considered to be the first really functional modern computer Konrad also finishes and distributes the Z4 in July 1950 becoming the first commercial computer Also in 1950 The United States Government receives the UNIVAC 1101 or ERA 1101 This computer is considered to be the first computer that was capable of storing and running a program from memory Computer History for 1950

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