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The Texas constitution and the U S constitution are very alike but also very different However the Texas constitution is primarily focused on what s best for Texas Both of these constitutions share the separation of powers and the checks and balances The separation of powers was established in Texas as well as the whole U S so each branch will have certain powers By separating the powers into three equal branches it prevents anyone from having too much power The Texas and the United States Constitution both contain the bill of rights Some of the amendments that are in the United States version are also repeated in the Texas Bill of Rights For example both constitutions contain the amendment that states the right of the people to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures These Bill of Rights give each person their basic human rights but change according to each state It also protects the people from the national government having too much control 

Both constitutions have multiple sections that address anything the government and citizens may need This gives the government a foundation to better the states individually and the country altogether The Texas Constitution is the outline for the state government but there are modifications to adjust to the newer times In this constitution debt is strictly limited but such General principles such as equality uniformity governed taxation and only the legislature can authorize appropriations It also addresses the longstanding concerns about land titles public lands and education In the constitution the education section also addresses the Permanent School Fund The U S constitution also sets the tone for the government

It delegates a plan for a stronger federal government with three branches along with a system of checks and balances to ensure no single branch would have too much power and the Bill of Rights The Texas and the United States constitution both go through the amendment process While some amendments have been quite small many others changes have brought about a lot of change to the document and society However the United States constitution is more difficult to amend and due to the structure of the document it does not need to be frequently amended The proposal is goes through if it is approved by two-thirds of the legislature vote and cannot be vetoed by governor The Texas amendments are often needed to change to keep up with the constant change of the state Texas 

These two constitutions may have a couple of similarities but they also have many differences The Texas Constitution contains line-item veto that allows the governor to veto specific items that are within appropriations bills passed by the legislature Also a governor can use the threat of the veto to influence legislation during the session with a certain type of skill However at the U S federal level the line-item veto has been declared unconstitutional by the U S Supreme Court It has been argued that it violates the separation of powers between the legislative and executive branches

The president is actually amending bills instead of Using the line-item veto to delete individual measures Justice Anthony M Kennedy wrote that the undeniable effects of the line-item veto were to enhance the President's power to reward one group and punish another to help one set of taxpayers and hurt another to favor one State and ignore another Another difference is that the U S Constitution that limits the tax and spending policies, however, U S Representatives and Senators still have the ability to write into law In the Texas Constitution puts detailed restrictions on tax and spending policies This significantly restricts what state legislators are actually allowed to write into law I believe that Texas has more information on because the U S constitution can have a standard set of laws however 

Texas has their own specific set of laws to match the needs of Texas The states acquire the necessary revenue to maintain their governments through tax collection fees and licenses The third difference is that the federal judiciary is more simple by only having three levels of courts The three levels of courts are the district courts appeals courts and the U S Supreme Court These three departments contain the three branches of government thirteen U S court appeals plus more and the trial courts While the Texas Constitution establishes two high courts One of the courts is to hear civil cases and the other is to adjudicate criminal cases This brings us to the conclusion that the United States constitution are similar but very different

 The United States constitution has set a foundation and paved the way for the Texas constitution The Texas constitution has a set of rules that fits the needs the needs of Texas while the United States constitution is a standard set of rules that applies to the United States The Texas and the U S constitution contains some of the same things because some things are standard rules society should have

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