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The theory of evolution is one of the most highly debated scientific theories It states the natural world and its entirety of species developed and evolved from simple organisms Many believe it is the logical and reasonable explanation as to how the living world developed into what it is today Others refuse to believe or accept the theory as possible due to their religions or personal beliefs despite the evidence that supports the highly debated theory The theory of evolution is the most convincing solution to the commonly debated beginnings of our natural world Any great scientific theory or law explains known facts in a consistent and persuasive manner precisely what the theory of evolution does Evolution explains the similarities also known as homology between the skeletal structure of all mammals and how they all share the same 28 bones though being in different proportions It also explains how there are similarities among the skeletal nervous circulatory and digestive systems among mammals The theory even broadens and explains why deoxyribonucleic acid known as DNA for short is consistent among all living beings even when individual genes are unique The theory of evolution also spells out the wide distribution of species throughout the world It gives reason to why creatures often reside on the same continent as fossils that are most likely their ancestors and why they share a continent with creatures that resemble them 

The theory of evolution is confirmed in several ways Observation and experimentation of today's world provide evidence for evolution Most of our species today is dependent on antibiotics Observations indicate bacteria have gained and continue to gain resistance to antibiotics Bacteria are known to multiply at fast rates in large numbers which provides easy access for the microscopic organisms to mutate mutations resistant to certain medical treatments Another example observed is the increased frequency of elephants being born without tusks One can conclude because elephants with tusks were being killed for ivory the elephants not killed survival rate increased making their genes of producing no tusks have an increased chance of survival Evolution is also validated by fossil records The theory of evolution stated is evolution were true fossil records would display simple forms of life at lower levels of the Earth and highly developed or sophisticated forms of like would be found at higher levels of the Earth Fossil records reveal just that All fossils discovered so far have been found in the correct sequence There is an absence of design in our world Many imperfections are found throughout species and genetic codes Koalas though hanging upright in their homes have downward patches The explanation offered through evolution is an ancestor of the species threw soil backward making it necessary to have a backward pouch Evolution is also a falsifiable theory If contradictory evidence were to appear and disprove the theory of evolution the theory would be tremendously challenged and would lose the support of many However such evidence has not appeared yet to disprove the theory of evolution 

There are many common arguments against the theory of evolution One tends to attempt to argue against evolution stating there are missing links in the tree of life This is not the case however There is no missing link since there is no halt in evolution and in a broad explanation all species are continuously evolving It can be difficult to interpret when there is an intermediate form of a species One way question If evolution were true then where is the proof of the in between stages of species Such questions would stump and place a valid argument against evolution except there are transitional stages being found and currently taking place in the modern era In 1992 the fossil of what is now known as an Ambulocetus coined the term the walking whale The Ambulocetus had the capability to walk on four legs in water and on earth This creature would hear vibrations through its jawbone exactly how modern whales do today Another example of a transitional species is the Tiktaalik discovered in 2004 It is known as displaying a link between fish and amphibian since it looked like a fish with four legs yet contained both lungs and gills as well as sets of fins that supported its weight Both species are interwoven stages of differing species that have been recently found One may also ask If evolution is continuous where is the proof we are still evolving today

The slowness of the process compared to our daily fast paced lives makes it difficult to observe the changes that have already occurred within our own species Our diet differs tremendously from our ancestors and because we no longer need as strong of teeth as we once did the miniature bones within our mouths have become weaker and any dental issues one has can be resolved with a trip to a local dentist Another common argument against evolution is the theory of evolution is just a theory The word theory nonetheless has several definitions A theory can be considered a hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation Theory but when discussing a theory in the sense of the theory of evolution the scientific definition is moreso a hypothetical set of facts principles or circumstances Theory The theory of evolution is massively supported and exploited with evidence making it just as strong as a typical scientific law such as the law of gravity The word theory does not discredit It only implies it can be discredited by any piece of law or evidence In the time since theory s creation nevertheless there has been no such evidence

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