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The topic before the WFP are Establishing a Framework to Increase the Supply of Food through Technology and Food and Water security I Establishing a Framework to Increase the Supply of Food Through Technology Technology contribution for producing food in developing countries can impact on their day to day life on major scales Sustainable development goal 2 by the world food programme is to eradicate malnutrition by 2030 or Achieve Zero Hunger There are about 793 million people globally who are undernourished stated by the food and agriculture FAO due to several factors such as weather poor infrastructure poverty Lack of Investment in Land and Agriculture and much more More than 70 percent of Nepal s population works in agriculture yet this country struggles to produce a fair amount of food supply Due to weak agricultural production and low crop yield the rural economies have fallen Sometime during the year 2 outta 3 Nepalese suffer from food insecurity IFAD FAO and WFP have been working hand in hand and jointly analyzing innovative ways of increasing the volume of funding available for improving food security and rural livelihoods Not forgetting to overcome these issues new technologies have also been made that could predict disasters or food insecurity months before they take place This would give farmers time to plan for it beforehand The E agriculture Strategy published by the FAO and the International Telecommunication Union can provide a framework for countries in developing their national e agriculture strategies Guide which can implant the whole agribusiness esteem chain with modern innovations To increase productivity new and existing technologies could be used which would enhance soil increase crop and livestock productivity and not forgetting fight biotic and abiotic stress

The dimension of food accessibility can be addressed by agro processing Storage refrigeration and transport Using Science to produce high nutrient staple crops to fight malnutrition improving food application and use In developing countries with regards to creating food security the environmental impacts GM crops is important GM crops can kill organisms other than pests that are beneficial to plants and potentially transfer insecticidal properties or virus resistance to wild relatives of the crop species moreover it can also reduce soil fertility The UN food agency has been focusing on trying to help rural communities by providing an average employment schemes for road construction and rebuilding destroyed bridges and buildings Villagers get food instead of cash for their labor This is one of the short term solutions other than that by setting up Feeding programs II Food and water security When people at all times have social physical and economic access to safe sufficient and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs which would lead to a health and active lifestyle Problem of food production distribution and access have increased on major scales due to droughts and conflicts Another factor that has contributed to an already difficult environment of fragile ecosystem is the high rates of population growth and poverty Due to food and water scarcity the people especially in developing countries suffer more the 200 diseases ranging from cancer to diarrhea 

Foodborne diseases have opposed socioeconomic development by harming national economies trade and tourism Women play an important role for ensuring food security for them and their children In most of the society the women eat the left over after the males of the house have eaten eventually their they are the victims for food discrimination so suffering from chronic under nutrition and ill health The sixth goal of the sustainable development is to ensure that the vulnerable groups of people have safe water and sanitation Not only organization but everyone can contribute to making food safe However to improve availability the government urges to increase the area of land under irrigation this will eventually lead to higher production and can also lead to high employment on farms Moreover for this more efficient irrigation systems need to be adopted The governments believe one of the best ways to address poverty and improve food security is by therefore creating jobs that would raise the economy To feed the vulnerable and build a food system for them the World Bank with other associate work together to improve food security Climate smart farming techniques improving supply chains for reducing food losses and strengthening safety nets to secure food and Moreover water access to vulnerable families Some aspects of the food law are to make sure that the food exported from other countries is approved by the authority so it could be passed on to the vulnerable people Some countries like the UAE by the ministry of climate change and environment have launched many initiatives to end poverty and hunger Among one on the initiative is that fish donated by the fishermen or the ones confiscated will be given to the one in need in collaboration with the local authorities

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