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The topic of Early Childhood Education is one that needs to be focused on more than just thrown away Anything dealing with children should be top priority to government and to parents everywhere The government do not realize things that go on and some parents do not either as they have jobs to focus on as well In this paper the reader will begin to realize some new reasons to check on your kids with caregivers and be able to come to anyone if needing help with their child In china parents discover something no one should ever have to deal with but many will A kindergarten has been revealed with child abuse but sadly this was not the first occurance Teachers at a Beijing school allegedly forced children to take pills jabbed them with needles and made them strip naked reported by Dominique Mosbergen Huffington Post but while the government has not confirmed the attack parents are not letting up Seeming this is not the first time these kindergartens have been caught with child abuse this statement proves how horrible kids have been treated Earlier this year a teacher at an RYB facility in northern Beijing was allegedly caught on camera kicking a student In April four teachers at an RYB kindergarten in northeast China were sentenced to more than two years in prison for using sewing needles to pierce more than 20 children on their bodies Huffington Post New York times has reported a Pre K having a child the age of 3 die from an allergic reaction to dairy that they had known about This shows that even while parents put their trust in the individuals that look after their kids while away at work the adults do not focus on the main care techniques for the children This child had an allergy to dairy and the adult has been watched giving him a grilled cheese let me repeat a grilled cheese dairy The statement Elijah was a student at the Seventh Avenue Center for Family Services in Harlem a program overseen by the city s Administration for Children s Services and the Health Department show how even with it overseen by the administration kids are still not safe from the dangers of non supervision 

The boy suffered into anaphylactic shock and was taken to the Pediatric ER at Harlem Hospital but they were unable to save him Besides the bad areas in childhood education reports let s start on a trend that is popular in childhood education Early education centers with disadvantaged students such as children from low income families foster children or children who are learning English as a second language may gain more funding from the state when they can prove academic progress with these students is closing the achievement gap Rasmussen this statement shows how we separate kids for good causes but also to help kids get the help they need for the future We use this achievement gap a gap used to sort between low income high income white and colored students genders students whose first language is English and students for whom English is a second or third language etc This gap focuses on academic achievements of different social and cultural groups which helps get funding from the government In an article that has been read this statement has caught eyes of many Poor children are also more likely to suffer from mental health issues like toxic stress anxiety and depression

Moreover these early physical and mental challenges manifest themselves in grade retention early dropout rates teen pregnancy and increased risk for incarceration Collectively society cannot afford the lost productivity and the increased social expenditures associated with crime and poor health Lifetime societal costs for each cohort of 16 to 24 year old youth who aren t enrolled in school or employed is projected to be in the trillions of dollars Brookings making many wonder what the government might do about this The answer is nothing The government is the one causing families not to be able to put their child through school or even be able to properly take care of their children Raising tax cuts by 300 provide little to families that are paying almost as much as 2 000 to have childcare a year A change that is striking the childcare would be one of quality 

These past years parent are choosing closer childcares or which are more convenient for them Educa when they need to drop them off Now Parents are starting to research about the area or looking onto social media asking other parents about the care center Parents are looking for a good learning environment how well the center engages the parents with what s going on or how well their kid is doing how much experience the teacher has or how much training has been offered and how well the center is managed by the area Kids need a good area to start up at and just because it is closer does not mean that kids are gonna be took care of Some research of the care centers and some conversations to others will help others be able to pick the right care center for the child while parents are away at work With the risks of allergies and the risks of abuse children need a good area to start up at Early childhood education will be the main part of their life as when they get into elementary school they don t need to be behind the other kids but also not to far ahead as they can get bored and begin to not like school

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