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The topics before the Sixth General Assembly are Establishing a Legal Framework for the Regulation of Military Drones and The Question of Criminal Accountability of UN Officials and Experts on Missions The Sixth General Assembly GA6 is the main assembly on legal issues experienced by the UN where the aim is to achieve international cooperation in the political field I Establishing a Legal Framework for the Regulation of Military Drones Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are used for the military with the purpose of saving the pilot s life from jeopardy Instead hundreds of civilians were killed due to the way of handling mechanism These machines costed people their lives and liberty to live Despite the fact that they are advantageous for countries that want to gain information from allies without confrontation or violence and use them for their benefit or even help extend the connection of Wi Fi in poorly connected areas refugee camps they still arouse major vital issues that need to be addressed and acted upon According to Aljazeera US Senator Lindsey Graham has said that over 4700 died due to America s drones only These horrendous actions committed on an international level evince the significance of this conflict 

The Democratic Republic of Congo believes that UAVs are an adequate way to gather information but also a peril to national security Therefore the use of military drones has been limited to times of exigencies UAVs have been around shortly after World War I but were launched in Eastern Congo less than five years ago by The United Nations in order to gather intelligence about rebel groups in that area As claimed by Reuters The drones will allow us to have reliable information about the movement of populations in the areas where there are armed groups U N Under Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations Herve Ladsous said The Democratic Republic of Congo commenced the use of unarmed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles because of the country s unique challenges and its ongoing conflicts with rebels after the approval of The United Nations Security Council in addition to the 19000 peacekeepers that serve in the country to promote peace and security As declared by Better World Campaign MONUSCO will deploy the unarmed drones for functions such as surveil possible armed suspects and rebels track the movements of refugees and serve them with what they need estimating environmental hardships to appraise the damages from natural disasters and increasing situational awareness which provides better security for civilians and peacekeepers The case of UAVs should not be neglected or belittled because it has not yet reached a point where countries should take immediate action The United Nations should not rest until this issue is resolved or it would only get critical and harder to control UAVs have the potential of creating peace and security if managed correctly

Therefore Congo hopes that unarmed drones will be applied in most areas to serve humanity justice allow stability and tranquility and hopefully overcome the issue of death casualties and regulate a legal framework II The Question of Criminal Accountability of UN Officials and Experts on Missions The United Nations UN has over 10 000 personnel that partake in peacekeeping missions on both a national and an international level For decades these operations have brought serenity to countries devastated over war These tremendous efforts along with this exemplary record were interrupted by the actions of few individuals Over the last couple of years some of these UN officials have been accused of crime and violating human rights on different peacekeeping missions that of which includes MONUSCO After allegations about sexual exploitation in The Democratic Republic of Congo surfaced it was of high priority to take immediate and significant action to protect the innocent civilians and bring more light to this critical matter The Democratic Republic of Congo has abetted tackling this issue and continues to display prodigious efforts and great moral support The Democratic Republic of Congo DRC has established policies and legislation that prevent many crimes and restricts the misconduct of the UN personnel According to BBC UN peacekeepers had faced fresh sexual abuse claims in DRC in the first three months of 2017 In order to defeat this issue 

The Democratic Republic of Congo has launched and established many organizations to combat violence against women As stated by The UN Economic Commissions for Africa many campaigns and programs were set in motion in the year 2003 bringing more justice to these horrific actions Furthermore DRC has accented its support and hard efforts by fostering the operation of TRC which helps many victims and abolishes the abysmal acts of some UN officials TRC aids in the persecution of the experts who commit crime on peacekeeping missions The Democratic Republic of Congo has also taken steps to counter the crimes committed by experts on missions by starting trial of soldiers accused with sexual abuse in Central African Republic DRC was quick to react and proceed with applicable resolutions and compensation to the victims As claimed by Reuters twenty soldiers went on trial and are paying for the crimes they committed whilst serving as UN officials The Democratic Republic of Congo stood firmly within its position and made sure to hold the UN officials and Experts accountable for their actions and the anguish they caused the sufferers Jeanine Mabunda President Joseph s adviser on sexual abuse mentioned that the soldiers are being tried by a military court The soldiers have been in jail since their return to Congo following investigations conducted by military inspectors Mabunda also added UN officials perpetrating brutal crimes appears to be significant wide spread and ongoing as stated by the Washington Post It is a global and national duty to bring forth real solutions to a conflict so full of hypocrisy rape pedophilia and forced prostitution

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