Essay Example on The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare









Dinah Dunlap Ms Mueller English IV 11 December 2017 Willing to Kill In the play The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare the character Macbeth wanted to king so bad that he became ambitious Macbeth was forced to do whatever it took to become king Lady Macbeth made Macbeth do things that he wouldn t even think of doing Macbeth was not willing to kill anyone but with the help of his wife and ambition Macbeth would do anything Ambition can cause a person to do anything to get what they want and it may lead to tragedy In act one Macbeth was a high ranking person and was loyal to the king Lady Macbeth thinks her husband would be a great king but he just isn t evil enough Lady Macbeth says Macbeth doesn t have what it takes to be an evil spirt Thou would be great art not without ambition but without the illness should attend it I 7 18 20 This quote shows that Lady Macbeth is pressuring Macbeth to be something that he is not The three witches meet Macbeth and Banquo and told them their prophesy that Macbeth would be king someday and that Banquo wouldn t be king but his sons would Macbeth thought if he had a chance to be king why chance may crown him without his stir meaning he will let fate decide if he will be king or not 

With the help of Lady Macbeth and the three witches Macbeth killed King Duncan Macbeth and Lady Macbeth wanted to be king and queen so bad they couldn t wait and ambition took over Lady Macbeth has influenced Macbeth to kill the king Macbeth also killed the guards so they wouldn t talk and blame them for the killing of King Duncan King Duncan s family was shocked when they found out he was dead King Duncan sons Malcolm and Donalbain were afraid and fled the throne because they could be next Macbeth became king as the witches said he would Everything was going well but guilt was running through Macbeth s mind He thought I ll go no more I m afraid to think what I have done look not again I dare not II 3 49 51 Macbeth speaks about how he wanted to be king but wishes he didn t kill King Duncan Macbeth thought about what the witches had told him and Banquo that Macbeth would be king and Banquo wouldn t be king but his sons will Macbeth thinks the murder of king Duncan will benefit Banquo instead of himself because Banquo sons will be king Macbeth say he will kill Banquo so that his sons won t become king Macbeth ambition had him to trick the two murders into believing Banquo was there enemy Macbeth remembered how Lady Macbeth insulted him to kill King Duncan and decided to insult the men to murder Banquo and his son Fleance Macbeth ambition is taking control and he is willing to do anything to keep his power of King Later in the play Hecate meet with the three witches and told them to meet her and Macbeth at the Pit of Acheron to learn Macbeths future I conjure you by that which you profess however you come to know it answer me IIII 1 50 55 Macbeth really wanted to know if he was going to lose his place of being king or will he die The quote connects to ambition because Macbeth is demanding the witches to tell him his prophesy Each witch gave Macbeth a prophesy 

The first witch told him to watch out for Malcolm the second witch told him no man born of a women could harm him and the last witch told him the woods would rise up and help fight Lady Macbeth killed herself over guilt and Macbeth is so caught up in keeping his spot of king he only spoke about how everyone has to die someday Macbeth knew that Malcolm knew that he had killed his father and was coming to fight Macbeth says in the play he will be a man and die fighting Macbeth remembers what the witch said about no man born of a women could harm him When it was time to fight Macbeth learned that Malcolm wasn t born of a women he was cut out of her All the bad things Macbeth is doing is because he doesn t want anybody to take his place Even though Macbeth did all this to become king he will eventually die or get killed The character Macbeth was loyal to the king wanted to be king Later in the play Lady Macbeth made Macbeth do things that wouldn t think of doing and the three witches gave him a big head Macbeth changed throughout the play and became ambitious causing him to commit murder Being ambition can cause a person to do anything to get what they want but soon leads to tragedy

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