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The Twin Towers Correctional Facility also known as the Twin Towers Jail is located at 450 Bauchet Street in Los Angeles California Public parking is available in a paid parking lot on the corner of Vignes street and Bauchet Street and is 8 00 for a day payable in cash Measuring 1 5 million square feet the Twin Towers Jail is the world s largest jail Twin Towers Jail consists of two towers a medical services building and the Los Angeles County Medical Center Jail Ward The Twin Towers Jail is the primary correctional facility for inmates with mental health needs in Los Angeles area The Medical Services Building provides care for inmates who suffer from acute medical and mental health needs The inmates that require intense health care needs are housed in Medical Center The Twin Towers Jail has its special rules and requirements for inmates and visitors Inmates are not allowed to receive incoming calls and can make only one free outgoing phone call After that all outgoing calls must be made using a prepaid phone card Contact with inmates at Twin Towers Jail is not limited to phone calls you can also make a visit or send a letter via mail If you are sending a mail it must comply the facility s rules and may contain letters cards and photographs However greeting cards that play music include ribbons and bows and are larger than 6 9 are not allowed

The inmates are allowed to possess only up to five photographs that are no smaller than 3 5 and no larger than 4 6 in size Inmates are also allowed to receive up to 3 books and magazines per week but they have to be mailed directly from an actual publisher or well known distributor Mail or parcel will be returned to the sender if it contains food cosmetic items jewelry cash checks paper clips staples pens pencils blank envelope Even though you are not allowed to personally send food you can order commissary care packages online and they will be delivered to an inmate You may visit the inmates at the Twin Towers Jail Saturday through Tuesday Visiting hours are between 7 30 am and 6 00 pm but vary depending on where the inmate is housed Visitors may see inmates once per day two times a week for a maximum of 30 minutes During each permitted visit an inmate may have a maximum of two visitors of any age Minors must have proof of age and be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian Visitors must provide photo I D However even with a valid I D individuals who have been incarcerated in the California state prison or have an outstanding warrant are prohibited from visiting the inmates 

While visiting an inmate visitors are allowed to bring only I D and a car key Any other items must be left in the car or stored in a locker The Twin Towers Correctional Facility offers different services to its inmates medical and mental health services outdoor activities television viewing areas chapel services substance abuse and alcohol counseling Jail Mental Evaluation Teams JMET address the needs of mentally ill inmates and identify mentally ill inmates who may be in need of attention to address their special needs The Twin Towers Jail was overcrowded Cells were filled and two tiered bunk beds were placed into the common dining area Inmates were separated into pods depending on crime they committed Some of the trustees were cleaning and some were playing in the separate room I did not see any female inmates because they are housed separately at the Medical Ward One of the deputies was supervising inmates from the central control station where screens were showing different areas of the facility Other deputies were using electronic devices to log the location of each inmate who were in High Observation Unit Most of the inmates at Twin Tower Jail suffer from mental illness and or substance abuse problems

Obviously some mentally ill individuals are extremely dangerous for the society and must be send to jail but jails are suffering to provide proper treatment and meet the needs of mentally ill inmates However even when inmates get treatment most of them are not supervised after they leave the facility and have no further treatment plan as a result they end up in jail again It is also important to train deputies how to deal with mentally ill inmates and how to de escalate crisis situations without using force There is a need to implement programs that will help inmates with substance abuse problems to continue their treatment in community rehabilitation programs after they are released from the jail because they need regular management Today the only option for the people who have a mental illness and committed crime is incarceration and it is something to think about because even if a person does not have any mental condition before the incarceration there is a great possibility that he she will have one after some time spend in jail

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