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There was rock music coming from somewhere inside The Twistleton Plastics Glass Other Salvage Materials Yard The bass from the subwoofers vibrated so much it shook the pavement as we skidded to a halt and dropped our bikes in front of the gate Seth and I inched to the office through piles of parts and smashed cars missing back tires Evening Eli Twist s slow talking uncle grinned He wiped his grease stained hands on his striped overalls Spotted any ghosts Not yet sir Seth said But it s only a little after six The junkyard was a family business Eli collected the inventory Twist cataloged their collections and helped with odd jobs around the yard and his aunt handled the customers Oh fantastic my favorite detectives have returned Aunty Lila said strolling out of the office in her flowered bell bottom jumpsuit and matching headband She flipped a switch and the music stopped Come in Let me fix you some supper Seth nodded and said We'd love to come in A few minutes later we were sitting next to Twist at the table in his mobile home The place was really only one long room with a kitchen in the front and two bedrooms and a small bathroom at the rear so small that to shower you had to raise your hands above your head Burgers okay Aunty Lila asked Fried meat Seth said That d be fine The FBI SWAT fitness plan strictly prohibits fried anything I reminded him Your head is full of workout weights Twist s aunt slapped a pan on the stove and started grilling

Before we knew it she'd brought us plates heaped with cheeseburgers extra crispy fries glasses of milk and chocolate chip cookies I slurped my milk Seth was halfway through his hamburger before he remembered to chew Twist picked at the fries on his plate for a second and then he jumped out of his chair He dodged a pile of stray electronic truck parts and flew across the room Come on he said We've got stuff to do Give me a minute I took a bite of a cookie It was extra sweet from the added brown sugar My willpower crumbled I grabbed the platter Twist made me look directly into his eyes Deadwood agents are fit fighting machines That jarred me I set the serving dish down The three of us bolted out of the mobile home across the yard and into one of the separating shacks Twist let loose a guttural scream Are you crazy Seth cried He ignored him and screamed again The shed door burst open and Jack a burly high school kid who looked like a pro skater on steroids poked his head in and gaped at Twist Is that you raising all the ruckus Hey Jack I said How's summer school Wouldn't know I haven't gone Like me Jack didn t cram Unlike me he received Fs in everything I kept my borderline Cs to myself choosing to spring my brain power on others when they least expected it Guilty Twist replied with a sheepish grin So you heard me huh Yeah I was on the other side of the yard stacking scrap plastics and I heard you just fine No offense dude but you sounded like a little girl None taken he said I was testing something Jack raised his eyebrow skeptically What How many times you can scream before someone calls the police No I was using voice projection to call my cat Twist s orange tabby Miss Jane Doe leaped through the open window and wound between his legs purring He grabbed a bag of Friskies Indoor Delights off the counter and poured some into a bowl She meowed twice and darted over to wolf down the nuggets And see it worked Jack shook his head and mumbled something about Twist needing his head examined by a nutcracker He slammed the shed door shut behind him Seriously Twist what's going on Seth demanded I have a theory He put his hand on Seth s shoulder and guided him to the gate I followed but kept my distance I was afraid my eardrums might burst if Twist launched into another tizzy Well it's more like an idea I flashed back to the day in June when we'd found the lost tomcat beneath the house It was a not so fun morning spent in a cramped cellar while

Twist tested out his theory that cats will come to high pitched squeals and a can of something that smelled like farts That ghosts are attracted to noise I said Well sort of but not really he explained You see sound travels at different rates depending on what it has to pass through It moves about four times faster and farther in water than it does in air which means ah never mind I don't want to speculate As soon as I ve worked out all the details I promise you ll be the first to know But this could be the big break we ve been waiting for if your assumptions are correct Seth said Sure Twist s phone dinged He dug it from his pocket and checked the screen It s my uncle I have to go Let's meet at Williston Place in the morning

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