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The two agents of Socialization that have influenced me and shaped me as a person the most are family and school I believe family is the first and main group of people that have the most influence on anyone I think family sets core values and teaches us the main lessons about life The family is the group of people who leave us most important and valuable memories in life that we carry with us throughout life I think family shares knowledge and passes on different aspects of life influencing us mentally as well as physically For example I have been with my family my whole life and we have been through a lot I have grown up and been exposed to multiple rules of how to behave in certain situations to the certain people as well as introduced to beliefs the routines and expectations my family represented They have also taught me numerous things about manners such as the importance of being polite appreciation compassion and many old sayings such as sharing is caring The situation I would use as an example of their influence would be when I was 5 6 years old and have found 5 bill on the sidewalk My first intuition was to take the money for myself but instead my mama corrected me and told me not to take something that is not mine 

Then we looked around to see if anyone was coming back for it and she gave me the advice to take it and give it to someone who needed it more which I did That experience is stuck with me throughout life especially because it is so valuable and righteous In addition to that whole situation I have learned to never take something without asking and to never go through someone's personal belongings Another example that would show how my family influenced me would be when I realized how good sharing my own things felt Due to my huge family consisting out of my parents three sisters and two brothers I practiced sharing even among my friends It came to the point where I was not able to buy something for myself unless I bought it for my friend as well because I felt uncomfortable to have something as simple as ice cream while my friend is around me not having one Moreover I started giving things such as clothing and money to the charities which shaped me a lot as a person As I grew older I realized more what an impact my family has on me I also comprehended family lessons and habits because they come in handy when I find myself in situations such as praying whenever something good or bad happens sharing pencils with my classmates even now that I am in college or offering to pay Furthermore by paying more attention to my family myself and other people I figured out how similar I am to the people I spend most of my time with By that I mean there is a lot of similitude between my family members and me when it comes to personalities and attitudes Without them I don't think I would be able to be who I am today what to value or believe in

On the other hand the school has influenced me in different kinds of ways much likely comparable to the family but still different in its own ways In school I attained knowledge my family did not bother to teach me as much such as history government chemistry etc Although family knowledge is also applied in everyday life socializing with people in school and classes had a fresh impact on me People tend to act as the people they socialize with which gave me a big lesson and experience about fake friends judgments and loyalty In addition to this school and my peer groups affected the way I dressed the music I listened the TV shows I watched as well as how to find flaws about myself unfortunately First example about school and how it influenced me would be my Health class Back when the internet was not so popular I struggled a lot with cold sores and I never knew much about them nor did I know I was able to google Why do cold sores come Why do colds sores return How can I heal cold sores etc My Health class taught me everything I wanted to know and made me less self conscious about cold sores when I found out they were common worldwide Another example that influenced me and my point of views would be one of the most important lessons I have learned Everything can be accomplished if you are willing to try It also taught me not to stress out about irrelevant things such as other people's opinions especially in high school the time when everybody judged me because of my red hair School also changed my opinions about some of the classes I thought I would never be interested in I now think it is important who teaches the classes and how enthusiastic a person is about their work Therefore that influenced me strongly because some of the teachers and professors showed me how fun and greatness can be portrayed if I did something I enjoyed doing

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