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The United Nations is a significant world body with an extensive amount of autonomous states as its members It was founded in 1945 near the end of World War two and became a more successful replacement for the inefficacious League of Nations It has changed the world for the better by introducing human rights fighting for peace and creating better living standards for thousands of people around the world UN Careers Canada one of the founding members has played a huge role in the UN whether it was through supplying them with war equipment and soldiers or having its own people lead certain UN programs One of the UN s most successful cause was human rights The years 1939 to 1945 involved several horrific events for many people especially the Jewish and Chinese In Germany several Jewish citizens were deprived of their homes and almost everything they own then put into concentration camps where they were killed and tortured by Nazi soldiers led by the atrocious Adolf Hitler However worse came to worse in the Republic of China with the Rape of Nanking Women were used as comfort women and numerous people including babies were killed for no reason 

This lead to over three hundred thousand deaths The rape of Nanking These events have inspired the United Nations to introduce human rights Before the war human rights were a domestic issue Each country was accountable for its own standards and one country would not interfere with the human rights matters of another In 1946 a Canadian lawyer along with the help of others wrote the first draft of a Universal Declaration of Human Rights The declaration stated 1 Human rights for all are the basis for freedom justice and peace 2 A world where humans enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear is the greatest goal 3 Human Rights have to be protected by law Spotlight Canada Today that list has grown to contain more laws Thanks to the Declaration of Human Rights we would not experience something like the Holocaust or Nanking Massacre here in Canada today The UN also wanted to keep peace between countries by preventing any potential wars At the time of the 1950 Korean War a powerful North Korea invaded South Korea The UN wanted to keep the peace between both Koreas so they sent military forces to stop North Korea In spite of all their efforts to join them both they ended up still being separated Later on in 1956 a situation known as the Suez Crisis had arisen Egypt had decided to take over the Suez Canal from the British and French control 

The nations responded by attacking Egypt This dispute was going to lead to something dangerous so Lester B a Canadian secretary of state for External affairs convinced the UN to set up a United Nations Emergency Force It was to keep the peace between the rival armies until an agreement could be worked out which was a huge change from their actions in the Korean War The UNEF turned out to be a success in bringing peace to the region Spotlight Canada Something else the UN has done to prevent war was making nuclear disarmament one of their leading goals When the United States dropped two atomic bombs in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki over two hundred and thirteen thousand people were killed Even though the dropping of the bombs had ended the war it had left a lot of damage To this day babies are born with deformities as an aftermath of the explosion The UN then affirmed that their ultimate objective is complete disarmament under effective international control Canada plays a major role in the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

Their goal is to defeat hunger in both developed and developing countries It began in 1943 when disagreements began over the economics of providing food needs around the world Today they continue to battle hunger and help developing countries better their agriculture forestry and fishery practices The UN also helped war refugees fleeing violence in their home countries They began the International Refugee Organization Refugees were put into refugee camps where they were provided a few necessities they needed to survive Canada accepted more than one hundred eighty six thousand war refugees which had changed Canadian immigration The world was certainly very different before the United Nations came along They've given us rights tried to keep the peace between countries and created a better life for thousands of people They have certainly improved substantially considering the fact that there a lot of new organizations and projects that they have recently undergone There are also countries that have joined since the UN was first founded in 1945 especially during the sixties seventies and eighties In conclusion the United Nations has come a long way They are a praiseworthy organization that has brought unity to the world

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