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The United Nations states The United Nations came into being in 1945 following the devastation of the Second World War with one central mission the maintenance of international peace and security According to their mission statement the UN essentially serves as a body which aims to prevent international conflicts protect fundamental human rights uphold international law and promote sustainable development United Nations n d However above all the greatest duty of the United Nations is to resolve international conflicts and with its comprehensive dispute resolution system the UN Is extremely well equipped for this duty The United Nations utilizes several different methods to resolve disputes which may or may not pertain to international law After considering the tactical psychological and structural barriers between the involved parties the UN selects an appropriate dispute resolution method typically negotiation If the involved parties are not able to resolve their dispute through negotiation the UN typically uses third party intervention in which the third party can act as an arbitrator or mediator However if an agreement is not reached the UN typically proceeds to adjudication where the parties bring the issue to a national or international court and a legally binding decision is made with or without the agreement from both parties UNDESA 2013

In addition the UN has several methods of enforcing its rulings including charter based convention based specialized agency based and rapporteur based mechanisms Each of the above mechanisms ensure adherence to a specific ruling or treaty The UN also has complaint and reporting mechanisms in which allow individuals and nongovernment organizations to bring information about human rights violations There are many examples of international disputes that have been solved through the UN but one case that particularly stood out was when several nations including South Africa De Klerk 2013 and Kazakhstan Spencer 2015 committed to ending their nuclear weapons research and submit to inspections by the UN International Atomic Energy Agency This is viewed as one of the greatest successes of the UN in its 73 years of operation as this case did not require adjudication or arbitration and it yielded a very positive income It is difficult to define stakeholders who influence dispute resolution in the UN but it is limited to leaders of UN member states UN delegations of member states and the administration of the UN itself Generally the administration of the UN believes that their organization has been somewhat lacking in speed as Secretary General Antonio Guterres is quoted saying The United Nations needs THE UNITED NATIONS IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY Issue 1 2 to be nimble efficient and effective It must focus more on delivery and less on process more on people and less on bureaucracy 2016 and this would seem to be correct The UN has only recently closed its court for the Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia UN 2018 an issue from decades ago showing that while the UN may have an effective dispute resolution process it can be extremely time consuming and bureaucratic 

The opinions of world leaders regarding the UN are not as varying as one may think for the leader of the free world tweeted last year that The UN has such great potential but right now it is just a club for people to get together talk and have a good time So sad 2016 Other leaders have given out the same sentiments but in a subtler fashion for example Angela Merkel of Germany stated during an interview that We need a new method of work to solve problems reform which reflects the real power in the world better than the situation today Overall the general opinion from major stakeholders on the issue is that the UN has a fairly effective process but needs some amount of reform to be more impactful In the future it is extremely likely that the UN will see some amount of reform in order to make its processes more efficient and timely as the need for a reform has been vastly recognized European Parliament 2015 In order to become more effective the UN must become more focused on presenting and enforcing solutions rather than processing them through its system If the UN follows is able to accomplish this the opinion of stakeholder regarding the UN will also almost undoubtedly be positive as most of the major stakeholders are the ones calling for reform It is evident that the United Nations has a comprehensive dispute resolution system one so powerful that it caused countries to give up their nuclear programs For this reason the UN has been extremely successful at resolving international disputes However while the process has seen many successful outcomes it can go on for decades which is why a reform is necessary in order to make the UN s processes less bureaucratic and more delivery based

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