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The United States has been a country for immigration since the earliest people crossed the ice bridge connecting Asia to North America which was about 12 000 years ago A HIstory of Later on when America was discovered more and more people started to come over At first immigration was not really seen as a good and helpful thing rather than a bad one As people came there were laws and regulations set for immigration to either keep some people out or help the ones that were already there After some time racism amongst other things made immigration seem like a bad thing especially illegal immigration Now millions of undocumented immigrants live in the shadows of the American society as second class citizens hoping for a new beginning every day and hoping that they will not get caught by an immigration agent and deported to a country that they haven t seen for a long time or a country they don t even remember because they came to the US at a very young age

Many immigrants live unsure of what tomorrow might bring just like everyone else only with the slight difference that they cannot be as free as everyone else they do not get the same rights as everyone else and they constantly fear that their families will be separated Millions of these immigrants have lived in the US for many years and may even have children born in the country Most of them can also consider themselves a part of this country in a way because they ve lived here for so long There should be an immigration reform to be able to help these undocumented immigrants live a safer life especially the ones that came to the country at a very young age and had no idea what their parents were doing An immigration reform will not only help out many undocumented people but it will also help out the economy create new jobs and will cause relief An immigration reform will not only help undocumented immigrants fully live the life they ve dreamed about since they first came to the country but it will also help out the economy It is said that many Americans across the broad political spectrum agree that the immigration system is broken and in desperate need of repair DePersio This means that many people know that the current immigration situation needs to be dealt with and a solution needs to be found fast Many of those undocumented immigrants have jobs which because they don t have papers are paid under the table for The money they get is never reported and they don t get taxes pulled out of their pay like the others and the government misses out on that revenue DePersio The reform would also contribute higher wages which then would increase consumer spending and that would decrease the federal budget deficit greatly Immigration reform would increase U S GDP by at least 0 84 percent 

The Economic That s beneficial because the more spending the more money the government would make which would boost up the economy President Barack Obama s executive order that effectively provided amnesty to over 4 million undocumented immigrants will create over 160 000 new jobs and generate 2 5 billion in tax revenue in the short term DePersio This just states that the more jobs there are the more tax revenue there will be and the reform would help in that by allowing the immigrants to obtain new jobs and not just the under the table ones that they currently have which give off no tax revenue Many who oppose the immigration reform may argue that immigrants just want to take over or steal the jobs of the US citizens but that is not the case Many immigrants take on the jobs that most US citizens don t want to do All the field work and dirty jobs are mainly what all immigrants come to work in because they can t get a better job due to the lack of having their papers Another reason immigrants are in agreement of those jobs is that they make a lot more money than they would in their country if they actually worked in what they like or know Immigrants can help bridge a growing skills gap in the STEM science technology engineering and math fields that are vital to a modern competitive economy

Immigration Reform Many of them are really skilled but most countries from where these immigrants come from are really poor and in the US they don t have the proper papers to work in what they really want They all view America as a place of hope and they have a dream to get somewhere in life and if they have a family to give their family a better life Instead of taking jobs they want to create more and help out as much as they can The Immigrants that came here at a very young age and have grown up are pretty bummed out because they graduate high school go to college if they can and want to get a good job but can t They end up working in the fields with their parents or some other under the table job DACA was able to help out those dreamers that wanted a real job and to get farther in life Some even started their own business and became very successful If every undocumented immigrant was able to benefit the same way there would be a lot more jobs open and it would in time benefit the economy also

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