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The United States is a country that is one of the largest in the world and one of the wealthiest with many alterations to its history and continues to change The Manifest Destiny was first created in the 1840 s and helped propel America well into the 20th century and aided in creating the country into what it has become The philosophies behind the Manifest Destiny contributed to the expansion of the United States by countenancing the territorial expansion of the 1800 s Without the westward expansion of America during this era the United States as it is known now would not have existed The expansion of the United States westward in the late 19th century has been regarded as the main highlight in American history Due to this expansion it has assisted in shaping the history of America as well as its legacy Frederick Jackson Turner stated The existence of an area of free land its continuous recession and the advance of American settlement westward explain American development Turner 2018 What Turner meant was that the greatest strength in determining the American democracy and its society was that there was an abundance of free land in America and that is what greatly affected American civilization After the civil war Americas gaining freedom from the British opened up the western portion of the country 

This then allowed for the steady flow of settlers and immigrants to aide in colonizing the west It is common knowledge that the transcontinental railroad is what greatly increased the westward expansion after the civil war Railroads where first constructed in Great Britain by a man named George Stephenson and became successful after he applied steam technology to create the world's first locomotive USHistory 2018 In England they were used in a country that was heavily populated had cities that were in relative proximities of each other and had vast financial resources In the United States however it was a polar opposite as the population was small great distances between its cities and limited financial resources This expansion of the railroad system brought about the Manifest Destiny which was a movement started in the 1840 s by John O'Sullivan The democratic leader O'Sullivan named the movement in 1845 and meant for the westward expansion to be America's destiny This allowed America to gain more territory from such things as the annexation of Texas in 1845 the defeat of the Mexican army and their session in 1848 and the acquisition of Alaska in 1867 Then new technologies started to take rise with the use of railroads such as steamboats

Although steamboats had been in use since their invention in 1800 their popularity began to boom because of the ease in which allowed for trades in the 1840 s Then with the utilization of the reaper for farming agriculture began to boom as this piece of machinery allowed for more lands to be farmed on the prairies During this time period 1860 1890 there was a few other farming equipment engineered to assist in making farming more profitable on the prairie lands During the expansion the American economy started to prosper from such things as cheap inexpensive land in the west because of the Manifest Destiny In some areas the land was free as it was government land so they could encourage settlers to continue westward and bypassing the Homestead Act Balliet 2013 With such a large amount of citizens moving west to settle and inhabit the lands this allowed the American economy to be able to expand its export and commerce This was accomplished by building ports on both coasts and increasing the amount of trade from other countries in the Pacific Another discovery that aided with the growth of the economy was the gold and silver rushes in the west The most notable places are Colorado Nevada and the Black Hills of the Dakotas Duran 2013 With these small but substantial periodic improvements they aided in the improvement of the economy and assisted with making American into a global superpower

The Manifest Destiny also allowed for new artists to become inspired by allowing them to capture and portray what it looked like when families were traveling to the west The expansion also changed the way music was played and taught This is because of the different ethnicities that emigrated to America for a better life and to assist with the creation of the railroad In conclusion it is obvious that in the Westward Expansion the creation of the transcontinental railroad played a significant role It connected major cities such as New York San Francisco and Chicago to smaller cities and towns in the west Because of this expansion it allowed to the west to be opened for better economic development and settlement Yet out of all developments that came from settling the west agriculture and trade were two that benefited greatly from the construction of the railroads This meant agriculturalists could transport their goods and produce to the national and international markets and make a high margin of profit Towns that appeared around railroad stations saw an increase in their population causing them to flourish and later develop into vast cities and towns The aforementioned are all factors that assisted in the development of the west Paul 2018

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