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Every country has a government It is the governing body of a nation state or community Not every government is the same not every country is the same there are different regulations for every single one For example the US government and the Iraqi government are very different Iraq s full name is Republic of Iraq or Jumhuriyat al Iraq Komar iraq It is a parliamentary democracy which uses a federal system of government I often hear people argue that the United States is a republic not a democracy But that's a false dichotomy A common definition of republic is to quote the American Heritage Dictionary A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them we are that A common definition of democracy is Government by the people exercised either directly or through elected representatives we are that too The Iraqi government is a multi party system whereby the executive power is exercised by the Prime Minister of the Council of Ministers as the head of government as well as the President of Iraq and legislative power is vested in the Council of Representatives and the Federation Council The President of the Republic is the head of state and safeguards the commitment to the Constitution and the preservation of Iraq s independence sovereignty unity the security of its territories in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution 

The President is elected by the Council of Representatives by a two thirds majority and is limited to two four year terms The President ratifies treaties and laws passed by the Council of Representatives There is also a Vice President in case something happens to the president or in case he dies The United States government has a president too his name is Donald Trump The President also has two four year terms that he is permitted to and the president passes laws also The United States has 50 states and Iraq has provinces which are comparable to US states there are 18 of them Iraq and the US have some stuff in common but studies show that it is dangerous to live in Iraq because of war and other stuff happening Every country pretty much has a different culture All of us people don t eat the same look the same wear the same clothes speak the same language etc Culture can be said to be those customs values beliefs traditions and institutions that create and mediate individual community and national identity This shared social knowledge which is transmitted through generations is defined by both broad forces such as history economics and religion and by elements of everyday life such as dress food family life and celebrations CultureGrams offers descriptions of these topics and more allowing crucial connections to be made between the many facets that make up a country s culture The current Prime Minister of Iraq is Haider al Abadi who holds most of the executive authority and appoints the Council of Ministers which acts as a cabinet and or government The religion in Iraq is muslim and The Muslim population of Iraq is approximately 60 65 percent Shi a 15 20 percent Arab Sunni and 17 percent Sunni Kurdish Iraqi Kurds are mainly secular Sunnis with a sizeable Shia Feyli population Most Kurds are located in the northern areas of the country with most following the Shafi school of Islamic law Just like the United States Government the Iraqi government has three branches too Executive Legislative and Judicial 

The government of the United States is Butch Otter and he has more to do with the government than anyone Everywhere has a government our world basically depends on the government The real question is How is Iraq government and the United States government different Well there is a lot of things that they do and things that they have vise versa Recent things that have happened with the Iraqi government are Iraqi government orders probe into Kurdistan region s oil exports The Iraqi parliament on Monday launched an investigation into the quantities of oil exported by the Kurdish regional government KRG during the past three years from Kirkuk oil fields and the Kurdish region It is seeking to prosecute officials involved in oil smuggling and to monitor their bank accounts inside and outside of Iraq The Kurdish region has benefited from Kirkuk oil exports and there are big questions relating to the revenues of oil Masoud Haider a Kurdish federal lawmaker and a member of the Parliamentary Financial committee told Arab News This company was appointed by the Kurdish regional government and KRG has no right to practice any works related to run the oil and gas in Kirkuk or anywhere else Aawadi said A Lot of things that go on with the government usually end up online The internet keeps everyone updated on what s going on in the world and what is happening with our government Some things that have been going on with the US government are that one of our representatives Brandon Hix committed suicide and has passed away This is shared with the US because it is very important to us that someone who served us that their life is celebrated and noticed My point is a lot of things happen involving the government and it is important to pay attention to because the world basically revolves around the world

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