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Battles Some of the main battles of the Vietnam War are Khe Sahn Hamburger Hill and La Drang The War was a long drawn out conflict that matched the government of North Vietnam and its allies in South Vietnam against the government of South Vietnam and its ally the United States The War started in 1954 although the conflict lasted a while In January 1973 the United States and North Vietnam made a final peace agreement ending all hatred between the two nations The Battle of Khe Sanh began on January 21 1968 when the North Vietnamese army attacked the U S Marine garrison at Khe Sanh For the next 77 days U S Marines and their South Vietnamese allies fought an extreme battle It was one of the longest and bloodiest of the Vietnam War The battle began with a quick firefight involving the 3rd Battalion 26th Marines and a North Vietnamese army dug in between two hills northwest of the base The next day North Vietnamese ran into the village of Khe Sanh and their long range artillery started shooting at the base itself hitting its main ammunition dump and detonating 1 500 tons of explosives The Khe Sanh army stayed down in their trenches and bunkers The siege was finally lifted on April 6 when the cavalrymen met up with some of the Khe Sanh army

Many different sayings in the North Vietnamese Communist Party newspaper said that Hanoi saw the battle as a chance to re enact its notorious victory at Dien Bien Phu when they defeated the French in a decisive battle that ended the war between France and the Viet Minh The battle of Khe Sahn ended on July 9 1968 Hamburger Hill is another battle in the Vietnam War This battle started on May 10 1969 and ended on May 20 1969 Hamburger Hill was an extreme battle during the Vietnam War Military planners referred to it as Hill 937 the 937 stood for how tall the mountain was in meters the lonely mountain is located in the jungles of the A Shau Valley of Vietnam It is really close to Laos General Melvin Zais commanded the 101st Airborne Division paratroopers met up with North Vietnamese troops which were in control on the peaks of Ap Bia Mountain on May 10 1969 They were ready for well prepared fighting positions the North Vietnamese 29th Regiment fended off the first American assault and after suffering a high number of casualties U S forces fell back and gave up The soldiers of the North Vietnamese 29th Regiment beat back another attempt by the 3rd Battalion 187th Infantry on May 14 A fierce battle kept on going for the next 10 days as the mountain kept on getting hit by strong air strikes artillery barrages and 10 infantry assaults Some fought in big strong rain storms which made it really hard to see Some couldn t even see at all which made it hard on them Due to the harsh fighting and the high death rate Ap Bia Mountain was nicknamed Hamburger Hill by journalists covering the Vietnam War Talking to a reporter a 19 year old Sergeant James Spears said Have you ever been inside a hamburger machine We just got cut to pieces by extremely accurate machine gun fire A U S soldier who had fought in nine of the 10 attacks on Hamburger Hill was quoted as saying I ve lost a lot of buddies up there Not many guys can take it much longer The reported casualties varied but during the 10 days of fierce fighting an estimated 630 North Vietnamese were killed U S casualties were listed as 72 killed and 372 wounded Some of the military leaders and soldiers thought that Hamburger Hill was a wasted effort but not all thought that

One of the opinions of a U S commander General Zais said Those people are acting like this was a catastrophe for the U S troops This was a tremendous gallant victory The Battle of La Drang was fought in the La Drang Valley Lt Col Harold G Moore s 1st Battalion 7th Cavalry conducted a heliborne assault into Landing Zone X Ray near the Chu Pong hills Around midday the North Vietnamese 33rd Regiment attacked the U S troops The fight lasted all day and into the night The U S soldiers received support from nearby artillery units and strategic air strikes The next morning the North Vietnamese 66th Regiment joined the attack against the U S forces The fighting was harsh but the strategic air strikes and artillery support rained down on the enemy and enabled the 1st Cavalry troop to hold on against repeated attacks At midday two reinforcing companies arrived and Colonel Moore used them to assist his war torn soldiers By the third day of the battle the Americans had gained the upper hand The three day battle resulted in 834 North Vietnamese soldiers confirmed killed and another 1 000 casualties were assumed In conclusion the Vietnam War took a lot of effort and hard work Our military won the war but our politicians lost it The Communists in North Vietnam signed a peace treaty completely surrendering but the U S Congress didn't hold up its end of the deal By the year s end 23 000 American troops were present in South Vietnam and the United States began periodic bombing raids the following February Both the American military and the North Vietnamese forces came to the same conclusion that through war victory could be achieved

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