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The Vimy Ridge battle in World War 1 took place in France during early 1917 Germany had complete control of the Ridge before Canada came to Vimy The French and British both tried to defeat Germany at Vimy Ridge but failed Led by general in command Arthur Currie and Julian Bing the Canadians captured the Ridge in four days Vimy Ridge is an important battle to Canadian History based on its geographic military and intellectual impact The Canadians had a huge geographic disadvantage at Vimy Ridge Despite those disadvantages they succeeded in capturing the Ridge in blinding speed The Germans were positioned at the top of the hill and the Canadians were positioned at the bottom The Germans position made it so that any soldier who tried to come up was vulnerable in the open space General Arthur Currie came up with an intelligent plan called the Creeping Barrage that would enable the Canadians to reach the top of the Ridge with minimum casualties The Creeping Barrage consisted of artillery being set off and the soldiers moving 100 yards every three minutes The Canadians dug tunnels underground as a place to store their artillery outside of German sight They did this in a place the Germans wouldn't be able to see even from being at the top of the hill Billy Bishop worked with Arthur Currie in creating maps of the Ridge Billy Bishop flew over Vimy Ridge hundreds of times taking pictures of the battlefield Bishop then took these photos and created maps Arthur Currie used these maps to prepare his soldiers Currie had the soldiers learn exactly what the battlefield would be like 

The Canadians knew about every crater on the Ridge before they even arrived Bishop was an essential asset of Currie s plan for the attack The Canadians had an intelligent plan unlike the French and British The French and British did not take into consideration their position as opposed to their enemy s position The Canadians battle plan was carefully planned and rehearsed based on geographic disadvantages and advantages Although the Canadians faced challenges in the battle of Vimy Ridge they still accomplished a great victory With Arthur Currie in command his Creeping Barrage plan is what set the Canadians up for success at Vimy Ridge The five essential pieces of Currie s plan were watches maps artillery underground tunnels and his army Each of these five things played a key role in carrying out Arthur Currie s plan Arthur Currie s plan was to set off artillery and move 100 yards every three minutes until they reached the German trenches The artillery was to set off before they moved their 100 yards The watches were to be able to time when to move the 100 yards The maps provided by Billy Bishop were so that they could be prepared for the geography of the hill such as craters 

Than the army was to carry out the whole Creeping Barrage plan They had a massive artillery barrage consisting of 245 heavy guns and more than 600 pieces of field artillery The Vimy Ridge plan was planned to minimize the number of casualties as Currie s battle philosophy is Pay the price in shells rather than men As well as for his plan Arthur Currie fought for only Canada's four divisions to fight this battle making it a completely Canadian battle On April 9th 1917 at approximately 5 30am Currie s plan was put into action By noon that day 3 out of 4 of the Canadian divisions captured their part of the Ridge The Canadians had full control over the German trenches within 7 hours By April 12th Canada had captured more prisoners and guns then Britain had in the two and a half years of war Also by April 12th the Germans pulled back more than 3 km and accepted the loss This became Canada's greatest day in the war the day they came out of Britain s shadow Vimy Ridge meant more to Canadian s then just winning the battle Vimy Ridge changed people not just the soldiers but the citizens of Canada as well became more confident and proud to be Canadian Vimy Ridge was a huge victory that made people Canadian and Canada an independent nation Arthur Currie Born on December 5th 1875 in Napperton Ontario was a General in Command that led the Canadians in the Vimy Ridge success Prior to the War Currie was a militia officer in British Columbia

He was given hand of the first Canadian division in 1915 16 Currie became known as Hero Barrage Currie because he came up with his intelligent plan that helped bring Canada out of Britain s shadow Part of his plan was to try and minimize the number of casualties the best he could Arthur Currie was greatly responsible for Canada's victory at Vimy It was because of Arthur Currie that the Canadian soldiers destroyed Germany in only four days and the fact that people became prouder to be Canadian because of the great Vimy Ridge victory Overall Arthur Currie was very successful at leading the Canadian troops to battle Vimy Ridge was an enormous success for the Canadians Canada was once known as a part of Britain but is now known to be a great independent country of freedom Despite geographic challenges Arthur Currie led the Canadians to success in a task that was said to be impossible and all in four days It is the first day of the Vimy Ridge battle April 9th 1917 not any other day that Canada became a nation The battle of Vimy Ridge is a proud historic moment that has helped form Canada to make it what it is today The geographic military and intellectual impacts of Vimy Ridge have a significant impact on Canada today making it an independent nation

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