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The volume and variety of data available by the companies today is startling The huge gap between data acquired and information generated is widening due to the lack of new techniques This intrigued me to develop both analytical and business skills right through my professional career My long term goal is to become the CMO of a large Indian Internet company such as Flipkart or Zomato where I redefine marketing by leveraging data to deliver Omni channel user experiences Given the nascent boom in the E commerce space of India which is poised to grow 10 to 15bn measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns is a key focus Marketers rely on different platforms to run their campaigns where the data is fragmented in silos making it difficult to make informed decisions In 2016 I proceeded to take up the role of a Junior Business Operations Associate at Roofwala a highly successful startup dealing with online construction material supply in South India The intriguing role made me appreciate how certain insights could streamline and improve the functioning of an organization drastically My duty is to perform sales crediting and quota setting as per the client's requirements 

For which I have to transform third party unstructured data into a client specific format using data management tools like SAS With numerous clients under us we have to design unique incentive plans specifically taking into consideration different aspects of the client's performance in the highly competitive construction market of India During my tenure our client base hiked by 250 and our turnover soared by 100 5 million I have excelled in expectations so far however my short term goal is to position myself as a competent multifaceted professional at a leading global corporate and manage complex business and information system challenges identify new technologies and leverage technology to gain strategic advantage To get prepared for such a role effectively I have now decided to pursue a specialized education in the field of Management of Information Systems with a Business analytics track At this stage I believe undergoing a formal training in MIS from the prestigious Robinson College of Business will provide me the requisite training in an optimal way and set me on the right path towards a successful professional career The intense program vibrant learning environment caliber of teaching opportunities for career advancement and dynamic social experience makes your MIS apart from that of all other universities 

The multi faceted curriculum that includes courses in Information technology Project Management and Managing big data with Analytics will provide me the opportunity to nurture my techno managerial skills I will be able to build a solid foundation in information systems and gain experience in critical thinking and explore new and innovative ways to address advanced real life situations Atlanta being host to many of the Fortune 500 companies I am looking forward to the recruitment fairs conducted by the University's career center where I will get the opportunity to interact and gain powerful insights from many people in the industry The most reputed online job portal offered by the University Handshake is one of a kind With constant updates it helps me get acquainted to the skills required by the employers and prepares me to be industry ready by the end of the semester Even though the course is short and hectic I would like to benefit from the plethora of student organizations in the University and gain exceptional insights into my own strengths thus making me a more confident team player and leader With relevant work experience of more than 3 years in Analytics 

I worked in various multi cultural teams under numerous team managers From developing a database using data management tools to attending client meetings across the country I have successfully transitioned from a team member to a team leader With heavy hike in responsibilities at every level I proved my business and technical prowess time to time To further my knowledge in the field of Big Data the MIS program offered by the University will be the best suit to follow After many successful projects under my belt I firmly believe that peer to peer knowledge sharing at every level in an organization is of utmost importance for smooth progression of the work Amassing immense knowledge and a diverse wealth of experience over the years I would be most grateful to pass on my skills to my colleagues and classmates and gain back the same from them The campus also promises to be a stimulating experience and it would be an exhilarating experience to be part of such a lively community I desire to raise the reputation of the University through delivering values to the organizations I work with and looking forward to being a part of the incoming class of fall 2018

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