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The Washington Times published this article regarding welfare reforms slightly before The Washington Post and thus before the Camp David talks began to set the year s legislative agenda Even so three days has done much to change the viewpoint of the president regarding the issue as portrayed in the media In this article Miller expressed Trump s intention for siding with Paul Ryan to push for welfare reform However in order for this to happen they would need the support of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell R KY While McConnell is a loyal Republican Party member he is not willing to waste energy on an issue that will not pass without bipartisan support which seems unrealistic One of Trump s promises during the 2016 election was that he wouldn't touch Social Security or Medicare but Paul Ryan is continuously pushing for the implementation of work requirements in welfare programs While this may be a scaled down version of what he wanted it still toes the narrow line of what Trump promised Nonetheless the Republican Party can't do much without Democratic support in the narrowly divided Senate chamber The only way to accomplish this is by using budget rules known as reconciliation to prevent a filibuster 

This tactic was already used once when the Republicans used this process to pass the tax cut bill without Democratic support President Trump is tackling these reforms because people are taking advantage of the system and then other people aren t receiving what they really need to live According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma the idea behind the program is for people to move up move on and move out of the need for welfare and that is what Trump is trying to help accomplish Sarah Huckabee Sanders reported that welfare reform infrastructure responsible immigration reform and healthcare are the administration s top priorities and beginning welfare reform will be a good way to start a productive year Throughout the article Miller seems to chasten the Democrats for their lack of bipartisan support He does this by referencing the tax bill that required the Republicans to skirt around the Democrats and by bringing into light the lack of Democratic support on welfare reform legislation that would help people receive what they really need and stop others from exploiting the system According to Miller Trump s efforts are chiseling into the stereotype that Republicans help the rich and hurt the poor 

By portraying the Republicans as a mostly unified party and using the Democrats as a scapegoat for why important legislation won t pass Miller provides his audience with the entertainment they were looking for In this article Dawsey explores Trump s viewpoints concerning pushing legislation to reduce welfare spending through Congress When published on Friday when negotiations on the year s legislative agenda began at Camp David the article reflected Trump s hesitance towards pursuing decreasing welfare spending This uncertainty stemmed from no longer having the votes in Congress to support the passage of such legislation and concerns over the effect it would have on the midterm elections While some Republicans wish to reduce welfare benefits others simply want to make it harder for beneficiaries to receive the money they need through the implementation of work requirements requirements to go to school or other measures Conservative Republicans have expressed interest in limiting entitlement spending but are doubtful that Trump will be able to accomplish this Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell R KY told Trump that without the support of the Democrats there is no chance of the legislation passing the Senate Even with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan R WI moving legislation to reduce welfare spending Trump's priorities have shifted to working on the immigration deal with the Democrats and keeping the government running with the new budget Dawsey also presents the issue of bringing back earmarks

The House Rule Committee is set to convene hearings in a month Rather than completely reinstalling leadership this motion fulfills Paul Ryan s commitment to members of the Appropriations Committee who pushed for limited installment of earmarks after Trump's election Republicans are doing their best to promote transparency while on this topic by making all hearings public This would avoid any perception that Republicans were scheming privately to bring earmarks back Josh Dawsey throughout the article provided contrasting points from members of the Republican Party such as Paul Ryan R WI and Mark Sanford R SC and their contradicting viewpoints on the feasibility of promoting the conservative agenda With sly comments like how the Republicans will face a difficult political terrain ahead Dawsey highlights the internal struggle of the Republican Party As a writer for a left-wing newspaper this helps him connect to his readers While technically he provided both sides to the argument and all possible viewpoints the way he twisted the narrative painted the Republicans as a struggling party with an unachievable agenda which will undoubtedly help the Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections

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