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The way society views and treats people who suffer from serious mental illnesses is considered a highly important discussion Mayo clinic a nonprofit medical practice and medical research group states that mental illness is a health condition that consists of disorders that affect your mood and they way you behave Mayo Clinic 1 People who suffer from these health conditions are more prone to commit immoral acts due to their altered state of mind Mental health disorders generally cause people to act immorally and thoughtlessly although instead of blaming and abandoning them society should provide aid through therapy and medicine to help guide people with maladies down the right path ADD MORE Many people who suffer from severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are not always in control of their behavior as a society we should be addressing these problems Anja Karnein a graduate in ethics summarizes what professor Anita L Allen Castellitto from the department of ethics at Harvard says It cannot be assumed that the mentally ill are capable of the same kind of moral agency as are the non mentally ill Karnein 1 It cannot be expected for someone who is suffering from these types of conditions to uphold the same amount of morality as someone who has a healthy state of mind

A person who lives with a severe mental illness usually has to deal with the distress and discomfort that comes with the illness which would undeniably cause mood problems and off state of mind in those who have it Anja also states Instead of thinking that the mentally ill have the same responsibilities as have the non mentally ill scholars thinking about moral responsibility should rather assume that they have only partial responsibility Karnein 1 People who have a mental illness only have partial responsibility Due to the fact that some cannot control the way they act such as someone with schizophrenia they take on a whole new personality randomly and without any aid or help from the community or an acquaintance something can go wrong Because of their severe mental illness some people cannot be held fully responsible for their immoral actions but they can be helped To help someone with severe mental illnesses many steps can be taken to help them make better decisions such as making them go outside go to therapy and if really needed medication Christy Chapman a writer on the Creation health team at Adventist Health System reported that Studies abound proving the positive effects of sunshine and nature on emotional and mental health Sunlight naturally increases the brain s level of serotonin the happy hormone that boosts mood promotes positive thinking and increases feelings of relaxation Chapman 1 Mental illness can impair one's judgment It is scientifically proven that when someone is happy their mood changes and their whole mental health states improves meanwhile when someone is sad their mood can veer their actions for the worse Mental Health America an organization based on informing society on mental illnesses noted that Therapy can help teens understand why they are depressed and learn how to cope with stressful situations Medications that can be prescribed by a psychiatrist may be necessary to help teens feel better Mental Health America 1

There are many options which one can choose and apply to help someone suffering from a mental illness Therapy helps a person to relax and explore their emotions and by doing so this allows the person to focus and realize what they are doing It helps them clear their head and not keep their feelings bottled up which is bad due to the fact that they can just randomly all come out at once and cause many problems Although therapy doesn't always work some do rely on prescribed medication which also helps Both the Mental Health America article and the Christy Chapman article refer to ways you can help a person who has a mental health problem and tell and show them ways to cope with the illness Both articles mention therapy as a big way to cope with the illness Because some people would say having a mental illness should not be an excuse for doing the morally incorrect thing they have the mindset that it is not their responsibility to be taking care and or watching out for the mentally ill Mark Stephenson a pastor of two Christian Reformed churches states that I think of moral illness as a condition of the soul in which one has so abused his concept of right and wrong for so long that his choices descend further and further from common mores into a dark world Stephenson 1 Some people believe that doing the immoral thing goes deeper than just your state of mind it also has to do with your heart and soul They believe that having a mental illness should not excuse you from any immoral actions you may have committed The mindset of some people is that using your mental health problems is not an alibi for wrong behavior but In conclusion considering the fact that a large part of the population suffers from a mental illness there are many ways society could help People who suffer from mental illness are not not always fully aware of what they are doing due to their poor mental state and inability to think correctly Ethics concerns itself with notions of right or better and wrong or poorer behavior Sondheimer 1 To neglect and not offer our help to these people is unethical and shows poor morals With appropriate care and help from the community steps can be taken to help guide those who have mental health problems lead a relatively normal life

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