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The world is coming to an end The air polluted The oceans contaminated The animals extinct The economy collapsed The legal system corrupt Intelligence is neglected and ignorance rewarded The people are disconsolate and infuriated So what do we do How do we save the world There will be no reset button no new operating system no downloadable upgrade We will not be allowed to trade in our old world for a new one with climate control or better fuel efficiency We get one shot at this Dismiss all reports of second chances we get one And yet we draw advances on our future as if we one day won't be held accountable We will We are And it's okay to be afraid The task at hand seems impossible But we can do this Forget about the cost There will be nothing more important because this is home All of our lives breaths steps and hearts start and end here 

And it is not a myth this isn't a false alarm Facts are in and fact is that we are facing a crisis Whether you believe it or not this is not time to relax For this generation for the people in this room it is time to put down our cell phones turn off the tv and do something about it Go out and help protest reject the status quo Don t let the generations of the past ruin the world that will be ours to overtake in the future Eventually our generation will inherit the world of our parents Then we are faced with some serious problems Our world is suffering serious environmental consequences we are plagued with wars and violence we will inherit chaos Hey Fox News if you don t think climate change is a threat I dare you to interview the thousands of homeless people in Bangladesh See while you were in your penthouse warm and cozy their homes were literally washed away beneath their feet due to the rising sea levels and Sarah Palin you said you loved the smell of fossil fuels so I urge you talk to the kids of Beijing who have to wear a pollution mask on their way to school See you can ignore this but the thing about truth is it can be denied not avoided Some people think it s fake They think that all of this isn t really happening They put on their blindfolds long enough to make themselves believe that it never really existed They lie to themselves long enough to believe that what they are saying is true And they say All teenagers care about is how many followers they have They don t have a voice and they re too young to understand how to use it is what they say Well we do have a voice and with that voice we can change the world With that voice we can fix the environment by suggesting and creating new energy sources 

We can stop terrorist organizations in their tracks by uniting our generation our nation our world against them We can communicate with people our age in the Middle East and the rest of the world With that voice we can stand up for those who will be persecuted for using there s With that voice we can make sure that no other voice will have to utter the words Me Too again With that voice we can be the end of racial discrimination the end of sexism the end of tolerance for asinine behavior With that voice we can take command of our nations broken government a system of constant arguments and turn it around We are not helpless or hopeless We are all residents we are all members of society correct Well then we have power to change things I for one am sick and tired of looking at the news and seeing disaster after disaster I am not going to let our world crumble I won t The burden seems immense but if we won t change the world who will Who are we going to allow to change our planet Why would we sit back and watch as our future falls before us Why let everything we are working towards right now be brought to flames before our eyes and watch it happen This will not be easy it won t happen overnight and we can t do it alone We must come together and do something worth the wait My fellow young people our time to fight and march and organize is now No one is going to do it for us our generation holds the power The power to make a change We can use our voice and our bodies to work toward a better future for us all Now we only have two options here either let the generations of the past be right let what they say about teenagers be true let them keep their blindfolds on let them tell us how to govern the future world as if they did a good job with that in the first place Or we can rise up prove them wrong

Don t let the blinded of the past keep us from inheriting our future The choice is yours But now we must act as the rain realizing that each individual drop is as equal and important as any We acted as one But now we are many Shane Koyczan

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