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Intro to Theater Prof Bingham Oedipus the King Oedipus is King of Thebes which is known to end due to sickness and later death Creon who is the brother of the queen Jocasta goes to the oracle Apollo to try to stop the plague by receiving a serum When he arrives at Apollo he is told that the only way the plague can be lifted from Thebes is if the murder of Jocasta s first husband also known as Thebes previous king who was killed is in return killed Oedipus curses whoever brought this prosperity onto his people and he is determined to go out and find his true identity First he goes to a blind prophet named Tiresias who later blames Oedipus and tells him that he himself is the one he is looking for Oedipus grows agree and throws the old man out and with that is convinced that Creon and the old man are working together to get the crown When Creon finds out about these assumptions he goes to talk to Oedipus along with Jocasta and the three together agree that the oracle Apollo and the older gentleman are wrong Then a messenger from Corinth approaches Oedipus and tells him that his father is dead Recalling back on what the oracle had told him about killing his father and marrying his mother Oedipus found comfort within the arriving news of his dead father 

This also assured him that the old man and the oracle Apollo s prophecies were false Later Oedipus has a much deeper conversation with Jocasta and the messenger from Corinth and it comes to realization that the King of Corinth was not Oedipus birth father and the story of Jocasta and Laius baby is brought forth Recalling back to a later day when Oedipus was met where three roads meet and he got into an argument with the men also there resulting in the death of those men It is brought to the surface that one of those men was Laius Oedipus birth father Jocasta upset and angry runs into the castle This is when Oedipus comes to the realization that he had killed his father and in fact married his mother While Oedipus was still outside Jocasta when in the castle hangs herself When Oedipus later enters back in the castle he sees his mother wife dead and he takes her broaches off her gown and gouges out his eyes leaving him blind

He did this because he stated that he could not see the world now that he had acknowledgment of the truth Oedipus then demanded that Creon exile him from the city Creon later does and Oedipus asks Creon to take care of his two daughters and says to not worry about his sons because they can take care of themselves Determination is a huge character trait of Oedipus and Jocasta throughout this play Both are very stubborn and are willing to pursue their goals no matter the obstacle And on the murderer this curse I lay On him and all the partners in his guilt Wretch may he pine in utter wretchedness And for myself if with my privity He gain admittance to my hearth I pray 

The curse I laid on others fall on me See that ye give effect to all my hest For my sake and the god s and for our land A desert blasted by the wrath of heaven 244 253 Oedipus is very determined and it is shown in this quote because he sets out to solve the mystery of King Laius murder which later leads him to the discovery of his own curse He did not give up until he found out the truth behind everything Another theme prominently throughout this play is the theme of knowledge and wisdom Knowledge is very selective as to the happiness that is brought to those who go out and seek it In Oedipus Pursuit for the truth and knowledge he uncovered the truth behind his family which brought no joy to him or his family He was better off not discovering his destiny OEDIPUS Where are they Where in the wide world to find The far faint traces of a bygone crime CREON In this land said the god who seeks shall find Who sits with folded hands or sleeps is blind 107 110 This is when Creon is explaining to Oedipus that if he goes and tries to find out the truth behind the crime he will find it Creon tells Oedipus in a way that is very confidence and assuring if Oedipus chooses to listen Knowledge follows Oedipus throughout this play and he constantly is wanting to know everything no matter how many people deny him or how many obstacles he faces

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