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Theme Analysis Family Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird highlights the town of Maycomb and how they withstand the hardship of a heartbreaking trial The Finch family gives it everything they got to give life back to a man who has been accused of something terrible Through Jem and Scout's actions while Atticus is in the trial we can learn that family can make any situation seem better We are all born into a family but it is up to yourself and the rest of your family members to make a positive effort to have that close knit bond According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary the definition of family is a group of parents and kids living together I was lucky enough to be born into a family where I always feel loved and blessed Through the good and the bad times I always know that my family will have my back In the book To Kill A Mockingbird we will be able to go into the times where the subject family is shown to help any situation Atticus knew he was getting himself into trouble when he accepted the case of a black man who supposedly raped a white lady Why would he accept such a challenge if it causes him so much stress and problems 

His exact words to answer this question were If I didn t I couldn t be able to hold my head up in town When it is finally time to investigate on this case the whole Finch family is affected When Atticus is staying in the courtroom for long hours you can bet that Jem and Scout are sitting in the balcony showing their support for their father as he has a big battle to fight I don t know about you guys but when I am surrounded by my family I feel a lot safer and more at ease Jem and Scout spent almost all their time in the courthouse during the trial only leaving when Aunt Alexandra thought they were lost and when Dill needed a fresh breath of air After the trial is over and the results are released Atticus isn't the only one mad about the verdict Jem was so angry he even cried and asked Atticus why how can they do that I personally think having the kids support made Atticus s time easier working on the trial because Jem and Scout seemed so involved showing Atticus that they cared and were proud of what he was trying to do Although the Finch family sure was affected by the trial I also think that Tom and Helen and their kids were affected as well as the Ewell family When the whole case supposedly happened which I don t know what to believe you can see that both the families have to work together My personal feeling about the Ewell family is that the rape story was made up but besides that point the family did show how they worked together I think it took communication from that family to get the whole story planned out to make it sound like Mayella was a victim of Tom s actions Throughout the book To Kill A Mockingbird the case isn t the only time that the family works together 

Although the courthouse scene was a big spot of rivalry the Finch family still showed their support for each other throughout the rest of the book Take Calpurnia for example she may not have been blood related to the family but according to the Finch family she was the feminine influence When Aunt Alexandra comes to visit in chapter 13 she thinks it is time for Calpurnia to be gone because she doesn't fill the feminine roll good enough for Scout When Atticus hears what is being said he states three points to hush Aunt Alexandra up Atticus says Alexandra Calpurnia's not leaving this house until she wants to You may think otherwise but I couldn't have gotten along without her all these years I think this shows the subject family perfectly I also give Jem lots of credit for including his sister with him when he does things They might not always get along and yes they fought but i ve never met any siblings who have not He just brushed their fighting off and welcomed Scout right back I know my brother wouldn't let me hang out with him and his friends You can t forget about the end of the book as well when Jem is hurt and laying in bed to get some rest and all Scout can think about is if her brother is going to be okay and if she can go in and see him and touch him This is why I believe family is so great because they can help you through the good and the bad times to make any situation seem better

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