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How this experience effect on me After that internship I understood that theoretical learning is just not sufficient for brilliant future we have to experience the practical field as well The experience to work under supervision of a supervisors we help me at the time of my career development I also enhanced my relational abilities which will help me in network development I learnt how to works as a representative in any association as the University of Gujrat referred me toward that organization after my selection of the organization for internship and I hope that it will help me how to work as a representative in future In last I wanted to say that I got a great deal of information after that internship and it will help me in future how to perform the job duties 5 4 5 4 Internship and the classroom knowledge After the internships I learnt that the pragmatic working is very inspiring from the classroom information as the pragmatic working give us a practical as well as theoretical knowledge beside this in classroom we have been instructed just whatever happened in the past yet in actual the field work it just like the parcel of rivalry you would need to run quick if you want to achieve your goals The main advantage of classroom study is that it basically prepares us how to work in any association or in any field as we individuals must have the capacity how to apply the theoretical information Analysis of ratios Ratio analysis is very useful for managing the organization as well as giving useful information to investors and creditors of the organization

As the Investor keeps an eye on the financial statement of the organization and they make the decisions to invest funds in the business or not after the critical analysis of the organization's financial reports Just like that the creditors also analysis of financial statements to take the decision either they should give loans to the organization or not 5 5 Prospects for the Organization There is the greatest degree of optimism form the entrepreneur as well as from the investor s side due to the success and growth of the Bank The current market s financial situation with low rate of interest and the focus of the credit towards the other private sector is the serious hurdle for the banking sector of Pakistan Now according to the current demands the banking industry has to shift their focus from traditional banking to retail banking approaches 6 Conclusion Internship is an interesting program which gave me practical contact in the banking field and I learned that what the bank and its activities I learned of the bank officials and banking executed The training improved my knowledge of the bank After the establishment it flourished rapidly and in every business area of Pakistan

The Bank of Punjab has fully decor branches It has a large number of customers in all over the country All the branches have computerized system so the work becomes easier If some time they face the system problems they work manually with whole heartedly Sometime due to the reasons like internet problem or increase of workload bankers become fury and lose their temper that s why the people also irritate from their behavior but they still loyal with the organization because next moment all persons ignored the timely tension There are needs of customer care center they handle them properly and receive them respectfully Motivation plays an important role in the success of any organization so the schedule of upgrading the employees must be conducted As compare to other banks the work environment is very good All staff members are loyal with each other and help each other if any person has any type of problem All the people in this branch are very cooperative with the internee but at the start I face some problem but it is temporary

The Bank of Punjab is contributing a lot towards the industrial development and capital formation in the country As it is exhibit from the data regarding the bank's financial performance as shows in the financial performance as shows in the financial analysis that bank is sharing major banking business of the country Furthermore the policies and schemes as are introduced and carried on by the bank are of great source of help in its trading and non trading growth The policies of the bank are uniform and going very smoothly The employees are given all the possible facilities and generous compensation In return employees are stressed for their best efficiency Merit policy prevails in all the activities of the bank Administration has studied the administration of all other banks and all their problems and drawbacks are planned to be avoided Therefore the policies of the management are progressive and proper The progressive approach and trend towards progress and prosperity reflects that bank will touch the development and progress The dedicated enthusiastic and motivated employees can bring that time even earlier

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