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There are approximately 800 000 DACA recipients which are known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals This program was created by the Obama administration in 2012 in which takes off the immense pressure of young people who are brought to this country illegally by their parents Under DACA youth that entered the U S are allowed a temporary reprieve from deportation and permission to work study and obtain a driver's licenses DACA has many benefits for youths to get a job and help the economy These people are of goodwill ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will harm the United States and which will spark a national political crisis Legalizing DACA will demonstrate that this great country gives opportunities to people that are determined to get a better future through studies and contributing to this country in order to keep on growing professionally As a student that lives in the city of Chicago and lives in a community of immigrants I notice people who wake up early to go to work that have dreams to keep a studying in order to have a career and financial stability and that are currently under the executive order of DACA before its removal With the notice of president Donald Trump he said For all of those DACA that are concerned about your status during the 6 month period you have nothing to worry about

No action Political fact This has increment immigrants fear The fear of having to worry about if they are going to stay DACA is the lifeline for individuals who grew up in the U S but lack immigration papers In the U S news article Trump's Most Dangerous and Damaging Act Yet By Luis V Gutierrez who represents the 4th congressional district of Illinois Which he is also a member of the judiciary committee and in the chair of the immigration task Force of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus He gave information on how the U S is going to be affected In eliminating DACA national gross domestic will suffer an estimated 433 4 billion loss over the next 10 years federal tax contributions to social security and Medicare will lose 24 6 million In over a decade businesses will pay 304 billion in unnecessary turnover costs Which is later said in the article that after DACA ends it puts an estimated 1 400 young people out of work each day for the next two years which will wound the economy of the country Others have said that DACA is unconstitutional and should not be made DACA is not on article two section three on the Constitution and Deferred Action is a way that the executive branch has exercised the option over whom they should and shouldn't be deported from the United States DACA has specifically granted people who come to the United States as children the permission to live and work in the country on a two year renewable basis but does not grant them a pathway to citizenship Removing DACA will put immigrants in the shadows and bring down really brilliant people to contribute to the country and its economy DACA recipients are now pursuing advanced degrees and full fledged careers Sixty five are in medical school in the United States and approximately half of them are enrolled in the Loyola Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago The Atlantic As it is seen in Loyola University's medical school located in a suburb of Chicago Illinois is one of the first to officially to accept undocumented students back in 2014 

There are currently 32 DACA status students that attend these institutions in order to be trained A school of potential doctors keeps at risk of what it s going to happen to those students that will contribute to our society In the article What will happen to Undocumented Doctors by The Atlantic stated The U S faces a shortage of up to 94 700 physicians Which with DACA will help to fill in those gaps of the needs of physicians as well as other important careers Such as architects engineers lawyers etc If these potential doctors and professionals get taken DACA away they are subject to deportation and will get their work permit taken away Having these potential professionals to be diverted of this ambition because of political neglect is unacceptable It s not right to say that the other undocumented people are not important they also contribute to this country s economy Being as young as a sixteen year old that is noticing all this situation and that has family members that are trying to come out of the shadows Makes it hard to see what in their future in terms of completing college and working legally Many say that they have study and study but don t know why if they can not see their future Many of the DACA students don t know their native country they just know the U S as their country Undocumented immigrants are people too People that have aspirations dreams hope and loved ones in which they make part of our society in order to help to make America great again Without the need of a wall that is made of hatred and prejudice I ask you to look beyond the way that the media represents them and the humanizing accusations that some politicians have made DACA students are immigrants that are likable and markable to the general public but framing them so called Dreamers as being different from the rest Does not make them any different all immigrants are dreamers we all came here because we are pursuing the promise of the American dream

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