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There exists dearth of literature substantiating the fact that there exists a difference in the level of perception regarding the quality of work life among Gen X and Gen Y employees The Gen X category consists of people born between 1961 1979 and this puts them in the age range of 37 56 years Generation Y consists of people born in 1980 1999 popularly known as the millennial This chapter aims to analyse the differences in the level of perception about the quality of work life among Gen X and Gen Y employees It also aims to add valuable insight about the quality of work life of school teachers in Kerala and Karnataka region The past literature suggests that there is a considerable difference in the expectations and priorities of the Gen X and Gen Y employees The researchers have reviewed a number of articles and textbooks to realize the topics deeply and to discover the research gap The scholarly articles are collected from various reputed online sources research journals theses abstracts reports and text books To have an ample magnitude of the research problem and to find its applicability to the research Haven 2002 has the following view regarding Gen Y employees They are high in expectations of self They aim to work faster and better than other workers 

They have high expectations of employers They want fair and direct managers who are highly engaged in their professional development They prefer on going learning i e they seek out creative challenges and view colleagues as vast resources from whom to gain knowledge These are the ones who sought immediate responsibility They want to make an important impact on Day 1 The most important aspect of Gen Y ers is that they are goal oriented They need small objectives with rigid deadlines so they can construct up ownership of responsibilities Leadership style is another factor which decides the quality of work life which was discussed by Yu Miller 2005 They found out that the generational groups in the manufacturing industry have altered work characteristics and necessitate different leadership styles while there were no dissimilarities in work characteristics and preferred leadership style for generational groups in the education sector They have done an extensive research on the comparative study between Gen X ers and baby boomers for the manufacturing and educational sector in Taiwan Intensive study was carried out to identify and examine career choice factors and public service perceptions among members of Gen Y by Spiro 2006 Gen Y is identified by their technological supremacy This level of technological emersion gradually blurs the contour between Millennials personal lives and work Technology not only impacts the effort of Gen Y but also their workplace attitudes Unlike Gen X Gen Y typically states themselves by not by their employment but who they are outside of their career 

Moreover members of Gen Y associate littler with their working organization and much higher with the type of work they do Wong Gardiner Lang Coulon 2008 carried out an Occupational Personality Questionnaire and the Motivation Questionnaire and inspected cross sectional differences in personality and motivational drivers transverse three generations such as Baby boomers Gen X and Gen Y Employees from different generations were observed to be motivated to a different degree by the following elements affiliation power and progression whereas the motivational drivers such as immersion ease and security and personal growth no significant differences across generations were found Tolbize 2008 discussed about the four generations of American workers generational differences and similarities and implications for employers He finds that the younger workers acknowledged diverse training needs than their older counterparts This can be identified by older generations needing skills training in their areas of expertise whereas younger workers prefer leadership training The perceived importance of work is diminishing both within cohorts as they age and among new workers entering the workforce An overall of 504 Auckland employees as a sample for a range of industries who were asked to complete an online questionnaire which was analysed by Cennamo Gardner 2008

 The youngest groups positioned more importance on status and freedom work values compared to oldest group Baby Boomers showed better employee organisation values along with extrinsic values and status values than Generation X and Generation Y but there were no other generational differences in fit Where individual and organisational values exhibited poor fit there were reduced job satisfaction and organisational commitment and augmented intentions to turnover across all three generational groups Nurses belonging to Gen Y were keenly surveyed by Points 2008 He found Gene Y responds well to feedback and corrective suggestions Gen Y is the most malleable and flexible generation It likes to approach projects in teams They are highly adaptable and skilful at multitasking but they get demotivated easily They are progressive thinkers able to analyse information in no time They embrace change and constantly looks for new approaches and seeking the succeeding challenge

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