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There is an augmented in the utilization of computed tomography CT and magnetic resonance MRI imaging in equine orthopedic patients It is well ascertained that CT as well as MRI imaging provide superior diagnostic information in a broad range of musculoskeletal injuries people and small animals The extremely detailed cross sectional images acquired with these two modalities can sporadically elucidate pathologic alterations undetected with other widespread imaging methods While magnetic resonance imaging MRI is the gold set imaging modality for diagnosis of intracranial neoplasia computed tomography CT remains frequently utilized for diagnosis as well as therapeutic arrangement in veterinary medicine In spite of the habitual utilization of mutually imaging modalities comparisons of CT as well as MRI have not been elucidated in the canine patient Following the implementation of MRI as the diagnostic modality of preference in human as well as the veterinary medicine for intracranial disease their have been less comparisons concerning the two Morrison Lastrucci 1964 In veterinary medicine MRI is considered as the imaging modality of preference for diagnosis of intracranial lesions CT nonetheless is more broadly present than MRI in and is usually employed for radiation therapy planning for treatment of introverted intra axial neoplasm or stereotactic biopsy In broad knowledge scientist search for a systematic organization of knowledge concerning the world and its parts 

The experience is based on descriptive principles whose confirmable results can be tested by independent observers Morrison Lastrucci 1964 Thus this paper will aim to Compare and contrast the scientific principles including possible biological risks and hazards when using Computed Tomography CT magnetic resonance imaging MRI to image a pregnant female in her first trimester presenting with a pulmonary embolism This will be based on the science of imaging technique The paper will also consider how the science of the available imaging modalities enables these to show the relevant body tissues Integration of body paragraphs Brief overview of the Computed Tomography CT Computed Tomography CT is diagnostic imaging that is utilized in formulating detailed images of internal organs soft tissue blood vessels as well as the bones It is seen that the cross sectional images created during a CT scan can be reformatted in several planes And can even formulate three dimensional images which can be seen via the computer monitor transferred to electronic media and printed on film CT scanning is perceived as being the best method of identifying the numerous different cancers because the image permits the physician to substantiate the presence of the tumor as well as determine its size and location Lee Sagel Stanley 2011 How the Computed Tomography CT works CT is formulated on the basis of an essential theory that the density of the tissue passed by the X ray beam can be evaluated from the computation of the attenuation coefficient By utilizing this principle CT permits the re formulation of the density of the body thus this is by two dimensional section perpendicular to the axis of the acquisition scheme 

The CT X ray tube characteristically with energy levels between 20 as well as 150 KeV releases N protons Monochromatic per unit of time therefore the releases X rays create a beam which passes via the layer of biological material of thickness delta X A detector positioned at the exit of the sample evaluates N delta N protons with delta N being lower than 0 Attenuation values of the X ray beam are recorded and data utilized utilized to formulate a 3D representation of the scanned tissue In the certain case of the CT it is clear that the emitter of X rays revolves around the patents as well as the detectors which are positioned in diametrically opposite side Thus picking up the image of a body section Nadrljanski 2018 As evident in figure 1 it highlights the outside look of modern CT system showing the patient as well as the CT scanning patient aperture Figure 2 presents the inside view of the current CT system the X ray tube is on the top at the one clock position as well as the arc shaped CT detector is at the base at the seven clock position Figure 3 highlights a diagram demonstrating the relationship between the x ray tube detector and patient as well as image reconstruction computer and display monitor How Does CT Work CT Scan Imagines 

The Women's Health Wellness Resource Network 2018 Cross sectional are re formulated from measurements of attenuation coefficients of X ray beams in the volume of the object being examined CT is based on the basic principle that the density of the tissue passed by the X ray beam that is deliberated from the calculation of the attenuation coefficient Possible biological risks and hazards when using computed tomography CT to image a pregnant female in her first trimester presenting with a pulmonary embolus the science of imaging It is seen that pregnant patients may encounter non obstetrical emergencies during the time of their pregnancy This involves ovarian torsion trauma pulmonary embolism as well as renal colic The use of computed tomography in the diagnosis of illnesses like these has augmented the current years and the same trend is demonstrated in pregnant women Ionizing radiation is a carcinogen and the increased use of CT has been perceived as the potential cause for an increase in the prevalence of cancer in developed nations When CT is conducted in pregnancy there is the apprehension about the carcinogenic as well as teratogenic outcomes of ionizing radiation to the developing fetus

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