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Endure through hardships and be able to win every fight that is what they intended to do as they spent large sums of money on navy and army They would need this strong militarism and nationalism to expand further into the West Which at the time was the most important thing for the country There was an opinion among Westerners that Japan was a distant exotic culture and Japan thought of themselves as different and unreachable to foreigners Both sides saw Japan as an outsider a country that is not like any other But really they have a more homogeneous society then they think Perhaps what makes Japan seem unique is that the combinations of institutions say education religion family and so forth different from what one would expect in any particular Western European country Contemporary Japan video Japanese culture is very unique with common thought action and belief in social political and religious institutions created a unique society where many people tended to think and act alike As opposed to the American democracy with all of its differences of opinions and mixes of religions Japan is certainly a much more homogeneous society than say the United States There are relatively few linguistic differences between different parts of the country In terms of social class peoples lifestyles are quite similar 

The degree to which rich people and poor people are differentiated from one another economically is much less than in the United States And it's often said by Japanese that they are ethnically homogeneous that there are no real foreign populations in Japan Contemporary Japan Video This common element in Japanese society crosses both economically and geographically The different economic status tended to think alike the poor people and the rich people had similar views politically and socially Economically Japan was not strong enough to beat the US it got down to a test between two economies The Japanese economy lacked the resources and the energy to defeat the US economy The Japanese needed to take down the US in the first blow which didn t happen It boils down to missing the carriers in Pearl Harbor had they hit the carriers it would have taken the US years to recover Instead the US Navy rebounded with their carrier fleet in tack Which had the resources to bring and fight back to the Japanese 

The plan that the Japanese came up with was to knock out the Navy in Pearl Harbor and the Air Force in the Philippines then continue moving south to occupy territories as far as the Bering sea the coral sea the bay of Bengal and Philippines sea Their lines of communication were overstretch The Japanese had bit off more than they could chew But they miscalculated the effect of their surprise attack on Pearl Harbor which unified a divided people and aroused the United States to wage a total not a limited war Coakley 502 As Admiral Yamamoto said they awakened a sleeping giant They underestimated the US national pride and the reaction that attacking the American fleet would generate In sum the United States proved capable once its resources were fully mobilized of successfully waging offensives on two fronts simultaneously a development the Japanese had not anticipated when they launched their attack on Pearl Harbor Coakley 501 The Japanese had no expectation that the US could fight a global war on two fronts in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Following the attack the war began The United States saved Australia from Japanese Invasion in the battle of the coral sea then proceeded to island hop and end up invading Okinawa further the US Army went through New Guinea and recaptured the Philippines Meanwhile a combined British and American force working with China to work their way from India to Burma forcing the Japanese to retreat back into China

Ultimately the US took an aerial bombing campaign to the Japanese home island culminating in the atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki compelling Japan to surrender the war During the course of the 20th century Japan wanted to be a powerful country They fought hard to try and achieve respect from Asia and the Pacific However Japan had internal issues that led to them being less than powerful Issues such as economic considerations political and social problems In the final analysis Japan lost because the country did not have the means to fight a total war against the combination of industrial air naval and human resources represented by the United States and its Allies Coakley 528 Japan fought a war with a very strong country one that they thought they could beat and even though Japan had proven to be a force to be reckoned with the US in the end was stronger Word Count 1435

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