Essay Example on Thighly diverse job market not only regarding the legal Sectors









This module has influenced me by providing me with a deep insight into the highly diverse job market not only regarding the legal sectors but also in terms of the non legal sector It has opened my eyes to the variety of jobs I am free to pursue upon completion of my LLB I now know that my options are open thanks to the detailed graduate options I have learnt about I now research into different sectors of work knowing that nearly all sectors are a possibility for me finding many roles of interest and I will no longer limit myself when I search for work experience future jobs Secondly and possibly most importantly I have come to appreciate the skills employers value I have learnt the value which employees place on commercial awareness and more importantly how to improve this skill in simple well thought out steps I feel that in an interview I would now be able to demonstrate my commercial awareness and that is thanks to this module 

Also I now feel familiar with my core skills and also my weaknesses that is thanks to the skills audit All of this will make it easier to find a suitable job in the future Finally the module has provided me with much needed insight on how I can improve my application for a job Lecture 2 was pivotal in this aspect after which I recognised common CV mistakes as well as what makes a good CV I have since rewritten my CV and the feedback I have gained has been extremely positive and this is another way in which this module has influenced me I have decided to choose the role of a barrister for many different reasons primarily because I feel I would highly enjoy what the role entails even the aspects which people often complain to me about In fact the undesirable aspects of the barrister role I have often heard about seem appealing to me I would be more than happy to provide a case with my thorough attention 24 7 and to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to meet clients expectations In addition to this it is vital to me to choose a job in which the majority of tasks will be enjoyable I find it difficult to work productively on a task which I do not enjoy I can clearly understand therefore why the barrister role feels like an ideal option for me I firmly believe I will not only further myself in the role but also enjoy it which as I have mentioned is essential to me Now it is clear why I have chosen this job in terms of company organization I find it highly likely that I will be working on a self employed basis with 80 of barristers currently self employed 

The Bar Council 2016 though it is also possible I find myself eventually working in a private organization as more opportunities open further on in my career In addition to enjoying nearly every aspect of being a barrister I also feel that my skill set complements the responsibilities of a barrister Thanks to the skills audit exercise I feel I have developed a strong understanding on my core skills as well as areas of weaknesses I am skilled in terms of research skills and I have further honed this skill whilst using Westlaw as a form of assistance for the many assignments I have attempted so far This skill will help me conduct efficient legal research into the relevant points of law as a barrister In addition I know I can stay calm under extreme pressure whether it be in exams or public speaking This will enable to present arguments in court to the best of my ability which will in turn mean I provide the best service to clients The role of a barrister is not an easy role and as such there are much more requirements for which I also feel well suited for for instance unsocial hours may well become the norm but I believe that with my time and people management skills I will be able to overcome this Finally working hard is no doubt an important value to me this is a value I have held dear to me throughout my education Nearly all of the barristers I have had a chance to speak to had warned me that a strong work ethic is necessary so I believe in this sense I have little to worry about

Whilst I have been quick to suggest complementary skills I possess the list is by no means exhaustive I know that there are a number of areas I need to work on and I have identified a list of activities that will help me improve these skills For instance in order to thrive as a barrister I feel I need to improve my general legal awareness By this I mean my general knowledge on the current predominant legal issues in the world Whilst I have already began reading more law related websites in order to take this skill to the next level I will also conduct further research into cases I have learnt about to understand the critical issues raised In addition to this I also feel I need to improve my punctuality and attend each and every lecture and tutorial so that I can ask any questions I have which is simply not possible when watching at home I will therefore not only create a schedule but participate more in the societies I have joined as this will make me feel more connected towards university life and make it easy to attend every day

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